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Apache Commons JCS
Version 3.0
Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for the 3.0 version of Apache Commons JCS.
Commons JCS is a distributed caching system written in Java. It is intend to speed up
applications by providing a means to manage cached data of various dynamic natures.
JCS 3.0 and onwards now targets Java 8.0, making use of features that arrived with Java 8.0
such as lambdas.
For the advice on upgrading from 2.x to 3.x, see the following page:
Changes in this version include:
New features:
o JCS-46: Add configuration option to specify the datagram
time-to-live in UDPDiscoverySender
o Add configuration option to specify the network interface
to use for UDP multicast
o JCS-166: Add configuration option to specify the host to bind the
LateralTCPListener to
o JCS-122: Add a log abstraction layer for java.util.logging or log4j2
o Add a get method to CacheAccess that allows a Supplier to be specified
Fixed Bugs:
o JCS-205: Fix packaging
o JCS-199: Properly shut down auxiliary caches
o JCS-182: Fix NPE while closing data source
o JCS-201: Fix initialization sequence
o JCS-181: Update dependency to httpclient 4.5.3
o Update dependency commons-dbcp2
o Finally require Java 8
o JCS-122: Remove dependency on commons-logging
o Remove dependency on velocity-tools
o Remove deprecated code
Historical list of changes:
For complete information on Apache Commons JCS, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Commons JCS website: