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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<author email="">Eric Pugh</author>
<release version="1.0" date="IN CVS">
<action dev="epugh" type="add">
Add to /lib required jars not on Ibiblio. Tweak Ant and Maven builds to include
<action dev="epugh" type="remove">
Removed deprecated MailMessage and ByteArrayDataSource.
<action dev="epugh" type="add">
Output test emails to /target/test-emails as .txt files for manual
<action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Mark Lowe" issue="31904">
Inline attatchment encoding was incorrect.
<action dev="epugh" type="add">
Integrate our own checkstyle config instead of using Turbine style only.
<action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Joe Germuska" issue="18968">
Clone the System.getProperties() call instead of putting random properties
into it.
<action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="16859">
Can't supply a javax.mail.Session to Commons Email component
<action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="30973" due-to="Corey Scott">
HTML email with plain text alternative and attachments
<action dev="epugh" type="add" issue="31762" due-to="Corey Scott">
Integrate use of Dumbster to supply a fake SMTP server.
<action dev="epugh" type="add" due-to="Corey Scott">
Lots of new unit tests and cleanup of code.
<action dev="epugh" type="update">
Update dependencies to latest available.
<action dev="germuska" type="add" issue="18968">
Support the delivery of bounced messages to an address other than "from".