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Commons Email Package
Version 1.4
Release Notes
Commons Email aims to provide a API for sending email. It builds on the JavaMail
API with the aim of presenting a simplified API which is easy for developers who
are not mail experts to use. It is a compact component with a small number of
The Commons Email website is the source for the most recent information,
downloads, reports, and bug status:
This is a minor release which adds some new features and fixes several bugs
present in the 1.3.3 release. All current users are encouraged to upgrade.
== Compatibility ==
* Java 5 or later is required (unchanged since 1.3).
* JavaMail dependency has been upgraded to version 1.5.2,
as a consequence, the maven dependency has changed to:
== New Features ==
* Added getter for the bounce address of an email to class Email.
Issue: EMAIL-146. Thanks to Alexander Lehmann.
* Added support for mapping of content-ids to DataSource in "MimeMessageParser".
Issue: EMAIL-141. Thanks to Stephen Kruger.
== Updates ==
* Update Oracle JavaMail dependency from 1.4.5 to 1.5.2.
Issue: EMAIL-144.
== Fixed Bugs ==
* "Email" threw an "EmailException" when trying to send the email if neither a from
nor bounce address was specified, although a "mail.from" property was set in the mail session.
Issue: EMAIL-149. Thanks to Richard DiCroce.
* "ImageHtmlEmail" failed to embed attachments if their data source name was null.
Issue: EMAIL-151. Thanks to Andreas Kohn.
* Html emails did not have the correct content-type set when using the Apache Geronimo
JavaMail implementation v1.8.x.
Issue: EMAIL-147. Thanks to Can Eskikaya.
* An "HtmlEmail" with both, an html and plain text content but no attachments or embedded
images will now be created with mimetype "multipart/alternative" instead of "multipart/mixed".
Issue: EMAIL-142. Thanks to Marcin Tomiak.
== Compatibility ==
* Java 5 or later is required (unchanged since 1.3).
== Fixed Bugs ==
* The filename of an attachment was not properly encoded in case it contained
non-ascii characters.
Issue: EMAIL-138. Thanks to qed.
* MimeMessageParser did not correctly parse MimeMessage objects created by
calling HtmlEmail.buildMimeMessage() and HtmlEmail.getMimeMessage().
Issue: EMAIL-137. Thanks to Alex Kogan.
* Fix Javadoc 1.8 errors.
Issue: EMAIL-136. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
== Compatibility ==
* Java 5 or later is required (unchanged since 1.3).
== Fixed Bugs ==
* Change visibility of DataSourceUrlResourceResolver.createUrl(String) to protected so
that sub-classes can override it.
Issue: EMAIL-135. Thanks to Andreas Kohn.
* Support default mime charset property "mail.mime.charset" when adding text content
to instances of either SimpleEmail or HtmlEmail.
Issue: EMAIL-104. Thanks to Hiroshi Ikeda.
* Added support for sending partial emails in case of invalid addresses.
Issue: EMAIL-132. Thanks to Allen Xudong Cheng.
* The MimeMessageParser will now correctly parse MIME multi-parts of type "text/plain"
and "text/html" with a content disposition header of "attachment". The parts will
be added to the list of attachments even if there is no other text or html content.
Issue: EMAIL-131. Thanks to Raju Y.
* Special characters in the body of an HTML email could lead to an exception when the
mime message was built.
Issue: EMAIL-127. Thanks to Dominik Stadler.
== Compatibility ==
* Java 5 or later is required (unchanged since 1.3).
== Fixed Bugs ==
* DataSourceClassPathResolver will now correctly set the DataSource name for resolved
resources. Additionally, it is now possible to set the name for a ByteArrayDataSource.
Issue: EMAIL-125. Thanks to Jean-Marc.
* Header values are not folded twice anymore. The actual encoding and folding is
now only performed in Email.buildMimeMessage().
Issue: EMAIL-124. Thanks to Stefan Schueffler.
== Compatibility ==
* Java 5 or later is now required.
== New Features ==
* Added new methods addTo(String[]), addCc(String[]) and addBcc(String[]) to Email.
Issue: EMAIL-114. Thanks to Gokul Nanthakumar C.
* HtmlmageEmail should support class path resources
Issue: EMAIL-108. Thanks to Elisabeth Kasimir, Alexander Kasimir.
* Added a MultiPartEmail.attach(File) method since attaching a file is a simple and common.
* Added MimeMessageParser and MimeMessageUtils.
== Fixed Bugs ==
* Use the provided Content-ID in HtmlEmail#embed(File, String) instead of creating
a random one. The used and returned Content-ID will be URL encoded (see RFC 2392).
Issue: EMAIL-101. Thanks to Andrew Starodub.
* Upgraded source and binary compatibility to JDK 1.5. Additionally the public/protected
methods and fields have been properly generified.
Issue: EMAIL-122. Thanks to sebb.
* Do not set the personal name of an address to the email address unless it is
explicitly specified (affects TO, CC, BCC and FROM addresses).
Issue: EMAIL-103. Thanks to David Rees.
* Removed emulation support for nested exceptions in EmailException.
Issue: EMAIL-117. Thanks to sebb.
* Prevent external modification of internal array in DataSourceCompositeResolver.
Issue: EMAIL-116. Thanks to sebb.
* Close temporary input stream in MultiPartEmail#attach(DataSource, String, String)
to prevent locking of file resources on windows systems.
Issue: EMAIL-120. Thanks to Mike Bell.
* The patch actually broke sending emails over a secured connection - disabled the
the functionality using GMail, GMX and Office365 so the code is at least working for
a couple of existing SMTP servers. Also added 'sslCheckServerIdentity' including
setter and getter. Also added a chapter regarding "Security" to the user manual.
Issue: EMAIL-105. Thanks to Siegfried Goeschl.
* Maven Site fails with error in Checkstyle configuration.
Issue: EMAIL-113. Thanks to Peter Kofler.
* DataSourceFileResolverTest fails under IBM JDK 1.4 and 1.6 running on Windows.
Issue: EMAIL-112. Thanks to Peter Kofler.
* Update the current trunk to be binary compatible with the commons-email-1.2 release.
Issue: EMAIL-111. Thanks to Florian Pirchner.
* Added unit test to ensure that parsing the broken mime message does not cause an OutOfMemoryException.
Issue: EMAIL-110. Thanks to Thomas Pummer.
* Added mime.types to META-INF - the definition is actually found in activation.jar
but did not work. Issue: EMAIL-107. Thanks to Claus Polanka, Michael Jakl.
* STARTTLS can be used even without authenticator.
Issue: EMAIL-106. Thanks to Bruno Harbulot.
* Clarified the meaning of setTLS() which actually sends a "STARTTLS" command from the
client to the SMTP server. Please note that some "protected" variables were renamed
which could break existing code.
Issue: EMAIL-105. Thanks to Bruno Harbulot.
* Fixed HtmlEmail embed toLowerCase bug with Turkish locale.
Issue: EMAIL-102. Thanks to Okan Özeren.
* Specified Content-ID is now used when embedding a File object in an HtmlEmail.
Issue: EMAIL-101. Thanks to Andrew Starodub.
* Throwing an IllegalStateException when setting mail session properties for an already
created mail session because the settings would be ignored. Please note that this
change could potentially break existing (but invalid) code. Issue: EMAIL-96.
* Encoding and folding of headers is now done by commons-email.
Issue: EMAIL-98. Thanks to Mario Daepp.
* The default connection timeout is set to a reasonable default value of 60 seconds.
Issue: EMAIL-100. Thanks to David Parks.
* Moving the various constants from 'EMail' to 'EmailConstants'
* All setters are returning "this" to simplify building an email.
Issue: EMAIL-76. Thanks to Yu Kobayashi.
* Adding ImageHtmlEmail to create HTML emails with embedded images either
downloaded from HTTP or from the local file system.
Issue: EMAIL-92. Thanks to Dominik Stadler.
* Calling buildMimeMessage() before invoking send() caused
duplicated mime parts for HtmlEmail. The implementation now enforces
that an email can be only used once and throw an exception when
multiple invocations of buildMimeMessage() are detected.
Issue: EMAIL-95.
* Incorrect SMTP Port number shown in error message when an email fails
to send due to a blocked port and SSL is used.
Issue: EMAIL-91. Thanks to Kevin Lester.
J2SE environments
Commons Email requires JavaMail 1.5.2 or later. The reference implementation
is available at:
However, the Apache Geronimo project (
provides a J2EE-certified implementation of the JavaMail 1.4
specification licensed under the Apache Software License.
Commons Email also requires the JavaBeans Activation Framework unless
you are running on Java SE 6 or later. The Oracle implementation is available
Apache Geronimo likewise provides an implementation under the Apache
Software License.
Commons Email has been tested with JDK 1.6 and 1.7.
J2EE environments
Commons Email is compatible with all certified Java Enterprise Edition
5 implementations; no further dependencies are required.
Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 users must ensure that the versions of
JavaMail and JAF indicated above are available to their applications;
the J2EE 1.4 specification only requires earlier versions.
Earlier versions of J2EE are not supported.