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<faqs xmlns=""
title="Frequently Asked Questions"
<part id="General">
<faq id="jaxp_1_1_warnings">
<question>Why do I get warnings when using a JAXP 1.1 parser?</question>
<p>If you're using a JAXP 1.1 parser, you might see the following warning (in your log):</p>
[WARN] Digester - -Error: JAXP SAXParser property not recognized:
<p>This property is needed for JAXP 1.2 (XML Schema support) as required
for the Servlet Spec. 2.4 but is not recognized by JAXP 1.1 parsers.
This warning is harmless.</p>
<faq id="schema_validation_out_box">
<question>Why Doesn't Schema Validation Work With Parser XXX Out Of The Box?</question>
Schema location and language settings are often need for validation using schemas.
Unfortunately, there isn't a single standard approach to how these properties are
configured on a parser.
Digester tries to guess the parser being used and configure it appropriately
but it's not infallible.
You might need to grab an instance, configure it and pass it to Digester.
If you want to support more than one parser in a portable manner,
then you'll probably want to take a look at the
<code>org.apache.commons.digester.parsers</code> package
and add a new class to support the particular parser that's causing problems.
<faq id="help">
I'm Validating Against Schema But Digester Ignores Errors!</question>
Digester is based on <a href="">SAX</a>. The convention for
SAX parsers is that all errors are reported (to any registered
<code>ErrorHandler</code>) but processing continues. Digester (by default)
registers its own <code>ErrorHandler</code> implementation. This logs details
but does not stop the processing (following the usual convention for SAX
based processors).
This means that the errors reported by the validation of the schema will appear in the
Digester logs but the processing will continue. To change this behaviour, call
<code>digester.setErrorHandler</code> with a more suitable implementation.
<faq id="example_code">
<question>Where Can I Find Example Code?</question>
<answer><p>Digester ships with a sample application: a mapping for the <em>Rich Site
Summary</em> format used by many newsfeeds. Download the source distribution
to see how it works.</p>
<p>Digester also ships with a set of examples demonstrating most of the
features described in this document. See the "src/examples" subdirectory
of the source distribution.</p></answer>
<faq id="support_rich_site">
<question>When Are You Going To Support <em>Rich Site Summary</em> Version x.y.z?</question>
<answer><p>The <em>Rich Site Summary</em> application is intended to be a sample application.
It works but we have no plans to add support for other versions of the format.
We would consider donations of standard digester applications but it's unlikely that
these would ever be shipped with the base digester distribution.
If you want to discuss this, please post to <a href="">
commons dev mailing list</a>