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Commons Codec Package
Version 1.1
Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for this version of the Commons
Codec package, and highlights changes since the previous version. Version
1.1 is the first official release of Codec. Numerous projects had been
depending on Version 1.0-dev while Codec was in the Sandbox, and backwards
compatibility has been preserved to ease the transition to this official
* A newer version of the Base64 class reflecting improvements from
both the commons-httpclient and xml-rpc versions of code forked
from catalina.
* Base64 class from commons-httpclient in org.apache.commons.codec.base64
has been retained for backwards compatibility but has been deprecated
* Soundex class from commons-util in org.apache.commons.codec
* Metaphone class from commons-util in org.apache.commons.codec
* RefinedSoundex class in org.apache.commons.codec
* Encoder/Decoder interfaces in org.apache.commons
* String and Binary specific Encoder/Decoder interfaces in
* StringEncoderComparator replaces the SoundexComparator from the
language package.
* Base64 now discards whitespace characters when decoding encoded