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Jakarta Commons Codec
This document outline the current goals for the next release(s).
This document defines objectives and action items that should
be met before the next release.
*** Codec 1.1
Status: Codec 1.1 released.
*** Codec 1.1.1 Maintenance Release Plan
The main objective of 1.1.1 release is to fix any bugs identified
in the 1.1 release of codec.
Changes Made since 1.1:
- Fix for Bug 19860 - Base64 is not RFC 2045 compliant because it was
ONLY discarding whitespace. The RFC requires that all non-base64
characters be ignored, and Base64 was changed to reflect this.
Changes to be made before release:
- Still waiting for more bug reports
Status: Codec 1.1.1 not released.
*** Codec 1.2 Release Candidate
Identify as *existing* (or set of *existing*) stream Base64 implementation,
and either integrate or emulate this code. The community is currently
in the process of selecting a primary candidate.
Status: Codec 1.2 released.
*** Codec 1.3 Release Plan
- Fix bugs.
- Improve Javadocs.
- Add DIFFERENCE implementation in language package.
Status: Items above done.
*** Codec 2.0 Release Plan
- Streamable codecs?
Status: commons-dev discussions, some sandbox work.