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Commons Codec Package
Version 1.2
Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for this version of the Commons
Codec package, and highlights changes since the previous version. Version
1.2 contains bug fixes for the 1.1 release.
* URLCodec - Implements the 'www-form-urlencoded' encoding scheme
* DigestUtils - Simple utility class that provides static convenience
methods for calculating md5 and hex digests.
* Fix for Bug 19860: Modified Base64 to remedy non-compliance with RFC
2045. Non-Base64 characters were not being discarded during the
decode. RFC 2045 explicitly states that all characters outside of the
base64 alphabet are to be ignored.
* Fix for Bug 24360: Hex.decode(Object) throws a ClassCastException
when a String argument is passed in.
* Fix for Bug 24471: Soundex: The HW rule is not applied; hyphens and
apostrophes are not ignored.
* Fix for Bug 24484: Soundex.setMaxLength causes bugs and is not needed.
Calling Soundex.setMaxLength() with a value of 2 or less causes the wrong
answer to be returned. Since the encoding returned by Soundex is always
of length 4 by definition (we do not use the '-' in as a letter-nnn
separator) the need for a maxLength attribute is not needed. Deprecate
the field and accessor methods.
* Fix in Metaphone relating to the handling of the maximum code length.