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Commons CLI Package
Version 1.1
Release Notes
This document contains the release notes for this version of the Commons
CLI package. Commons CLI provides a simple API for working with the command line arguments and options.
This is a bugfix release of CLI. Some parts are not backwards compatible:
* The CommandLineParser interface has two additional methods. If you were extending this,
then you will need to add methods to your classes. If you were extending the abstract
Parser class, then you should be okay.
* The HelpFormatter class had publicly accessible fields. These are now accessed via
get/set methods.
* Two of HelpFormatter's methods no longer throw IllegalArgumentException.
* The Option class is no longer cloneable, and no longer has an addValue(String) method.
The best way to test any of the above is to recompile your code against CLI 1.1. All
should result in compile time errors.
For more information, read the documentation on the project site at
CLI-78 - Setting description of a Option.
CLI-2 - Wrong usage summary.
CLI-5 - Dependecy on commons-lang-2.0 but commons-lang-1.0 is obtained.
CLI-8 - Line separator as first char for helpformatter (footer) throws exception.
CLI-13 - CommandLine.getOptionValue() behaves contrary to docs.
CLI-21 - clone method in Option should use super.clone().
CLI-23 - Passing properties in Parser does not work for options with a single argument.
CLI-26 - Only long options without short option seems to be noticed.
CLI-28 - Infinite Loop in Command-Line processing.
CLI-29 - Options should not be able to be added more than once.
CLI-35 - HelpFormatter doesn't sort options properly.
CLI-38 - HelpFormatter doesn't function correctly for options with only LongOpt.
CLI-44 - Document enhancement.
CLI-45 - Documentation errors.
CLI-51 - Parameter value "-something" misinterpreted as a parameter.
CLI-56 - clone() method doesn't fully clone contents.
CLI-59 - No Javadoc for HelpFormatter!.
CLI-65 - Parser breaks up command line parms into single characters.
CLI-67 - Missing arguments in HelpFormatter.renderOptions(..).
CLI-69 - Error parsing option arguments.
CLI-71 - A weakness of parser.
CLI-129 - CLI_1_BRANCH build.xml doesn't work.
CLI-130 - Remove the Commons Lang dependency.