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From the ant "build.xml" file:
Master Build file for BSF
This is the build file for use with the Jakarta Ant build tool.
Optional additions:
BeanShell -> (3rd party BSF engine)
JRuby -> (3rd party BSF engine)
Jacl ->
JavaScript ->
JudoScript -> (3rd party BSF engine)
Jython ->
NetRexx ->
Xalan ->
Build Instructions:
To build, run
java <target>
on the directory where this file is located with the target you want.
Most useful targets:
- all -> creates the binary and src distributions, and builds the site
- bindist -> creates the complete binary distribution in "./dist/"
- build-site -> creates the website in "./docs"
- clean -> removes all the generated files and directories
- compile -> creates the "bsf.jar" package in "./build/lib" (default target)
- dist -> creates both the binary and the src distributions in "./dist/"
- javadocs -> creates the javadocs in "./build/javadocs"
- samples -> creates/compiles the samples into "./build/samples"
- srcdist -> creates the complete src distribution in "./dist/"