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BeanUtils now comes packaged (into jars) in two different ways:
an all-in-one jar (commons-beanutils.jar);
and as modular component jars:
commons-beanutils-core.jar (core classes)
commons-beanutils-bean-collections.jar (additional dependency on commons-collections 3.0)
Those who want it all should grab the all-in-one jar (and the optional dependencies)
whereas those who need minimal dependencies should use commons-beanutils-core.jar
plus any optional jars they plan to use.
All classes that were in the last release are in commons-beanutils-core except for BeanComparator.
BeanUtils now ships with a small number of commons collections classes.
This is a temporary measure intended to allow BeanUtils core to be used with
either commons-collections 2 or commons-collections-3 without a dependency on either.
It is intended that soon BeanUtils core will have no dependency on any commons collection
packaged classes.