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package runconfig
import (
// DecodeHostConfig creates a HostConfig based on the specified Reader.
// It assumes the content of the reader will be JSON, and decodes it.
func DecodeHostConfig(src io.Reader) (*container.HostConfig, error) {
decoder := json.NewDecoder(src)
var w ContainerConfigWrapper
if err := decoder.Decode(&w); err != nil {
return nil, err
hc := w.getHostConfig()
return hc, nil
// SetDefaultNetModeIfBlank changes the NetworkMode in a HostConfig structure
// to default if it is not populated. This ensures backwards compatibility after
// the validation of the network mode was moved from the docker CLI to the
// docker daemon.
func SetDefaultNetModeIfBlank(hc *container.HostConfig) *container.HostConfig {
if hc != nil {
if hc.NetworkMode == container.NetworkMode("") {
hc.NetworkMode = container.NetworkMode("default")
return hc