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package registry
import (
registrytypes ""
// RepositoryData tracks the image list, list of endpoints, and list of tokens
// for a repository
type RepositoryData struct {
// ImgList is a list of images in the repository
ImgList map[string]*ImgData
// Endpoints is a list of endpoints returned in X-Docker-Endpoints
Endpoints []string
// Tokens is currently unused (remove it?)
Tokens []string
// ImgData is used to transfer image checksums to and from the registry
type ImgData struct {
// ID is an opaque string that identifies the image
ID string `json:"id"`
Checksum string `json:"checksum,omitempty"`
ChecksumPayload string `json:"-"`
Tag string `json:",omitempty"`
// PingResult contains the information returned when pinging a registry. It
// indicates the registry's version and whether the registry claims to be a
// standalone registry.
type PingResult struct {
// Version is the registry version supplied by the registry in an HTTP
// header
Version string `json:"version"`
// Standalone is set to true if the registry indicates it is a
// standalone registry in the X-Docker-Registry-Standalone
// header
Standalone bool `json:"standalone"`
// APIVersion is an integral representation of an API version (presently
// either 1 or 2)
type APIVersion int
func (av APIVersion) String() string {
return apiVersions[av]
// API Version identifiers.
const (
_ = iota
APIVersion1 APIVersion = iota
var apiVersions = map[APIVersion]string{
APIVersion1: "v1",
APIVersion2: "v2",
// RepositoryInfo describes a repository
type RepositoryInfo struct {
// Index points to registry information
Index *registrytypes.IndexInfo
// Official indicates whether the repository is considered official.
// If the registry is official, and the normalized name does not
// contain a '/' (e.g. "foo"), then it is considered an official repo.
Official bool
// Class represents the class of the repository, such as "plugin"
// or "image".
Class string