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package libcontainerd
import (
containerd ""
// Process contains information to start a specific application inside the container.
type Process struct {
// Terminal creates an interactive terminal for the container.
Terminal bool `json:"terminal"`
// User specifies user information for the process.
User *specs.User `json:"user"`
// Args specifies the binary and arguments for the application to execute.
Args []string `json:"args"`
// Env populates the process environment for the process.
Env []string `json:"env,omitempty"`
// Cwd is the current working directory for the process and must be
// relative to the container's root.
Cwd *string `json:"cwd"`
// Capabilities are linux capabilities that are kept for the container.
Capabilities []string `json:"capabilities,omitempty"`
// Stats contains a stats properties from containerd.
type Stats struct{}
// Summary contains a container summary from containerd
type Summary struct{}
// StateInfo contains description about the new state container has entered.
type StateInfo struct {
// Platform specific StateInfo
OOMKilled bool
// Resources defines updatable container resource values.
type Resources struct{}
// Checkpoints contains the details of a checkpoint
type Checkpoints containerd.ListCheckpointResponse