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package libcontainerd
import ""
type remote struct {
func (r *remote) Client(b Backend) (Client, error) {
c := &client{
clientCommon: clientCommon{
backend: b,
containers: make(map[string]*container),
locker: locker.New(),
return c, nil
// Cleanup is a no-op on Windows. It is here to implement the interface.
func (r *remote) Cleanup() {
func (r *remote) UpdateOptions(opts ...RemoteOption) error {
return nil
// New creates a fresh instance of libcontainerd remote. On Windows,
// this is not used as there is no remote containerd process.
func New(_ string, _ ...RemoteOption) (Remote, error) {
return &remote{}, nil
// WithLiveRestore is a noop on windows.
func WithLiveRestore(v bool) RemoteOption {
return nil