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package container
import (
var validDrivers = map[string]bool{
"json-file": true,
"journald": true,
type logsOptions struct {
follow bool
since string
timestamps bool
details bool
tail string
container string
// NewLogsCommand creates a new cobra.Command for `docker logs`
func NewLogsCommand(dockerCli *command.DockerCli) *cobra.Command {
var opts logsOptions
cmd := &cobra.Command{
Short: "Fetch the logs of a container",
Args: cli.ExactArgs(1),
RunE: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error {
opts.container = args[0]
return runLogs(dockerCli, &opts)
flags := cmd.Flags()
flags.BoolVarP(&opts.follow, "follow", "f", false, "Follow log output")
flags.StringVar(&opts.since, "since", "", "Show logs since timestamp")
flags.BoolVarP(&opts.timestamps, "timestamps", "t", false, "Show timestamps")
flags.BoolVar(&opts.details, "details", false, "Show extra details provided to logs")
flags.StringVar(&opts.tail, "tail", "all", "Number of lines to show from the end of the logs")
return cmd
func runLogs(dockerCli *command.DockerCli, opts *logsOptions) error {
ctx := context.Background()
c, err := dockerCli.Client().ContainerInspect(ctx, opts.container)
if err != nil {
return err
if !validDrivers[c.HostConfig.LogConfig.Type] {
return fmt.Errorf("\"logs\" command is supported only for \"json-file\" and \"journald\" logging drivers (got: %s)", c.HostConfig.LogConfig.Type)
options := types.ContainerLogsOptions{
ShowStdout: true,
ShowStderr: true,
Since: opts.since,
Timestamps: opts.timestamps,
Follow: opts.follow,
Tail: opts.tail,
Details: opts.details,
responseBody, err := dockerCli.Client().ContainerLogs(ctx, opts.container, options)
if err != nil {
return err
defer responseBody.Close()
if c.Config.Tty {
_, err = io.Copy(dockerCli.Out(), responseBody)
} else {
_, err = stdcopy.StdCopy(dockerCli.Out(), dockerCli.Err(), responseBody)
return err