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package builder
import (
// DockerIgnoreContext wraps a ModifiableContext to add a method
// for handling the .dockerignore file at the root of the context.
type DockerIgnoreContext struct {
// Process reads the .dockerignore file at the root of the embedded context.
// If .dockerignore does not exist in the context, then nil is returned.
// It can take a list of files to be removed after .dockerignore is removed.
// This is used for server-side implementations of builders that need to send
// the .dockerignore file as well as the special files specified in filesToRemove,
// but expect them to be excluded from the context after they were processed.
// For example, server-side Dockerfile builders are expected to pass in the name
// of the Dockerfile to be removed after it was parsed.
// TODO: Don't require a ModifiableContext (use Context instead) and don't remove
// files, instead handle a list of files to be excluded from the context.
func (c DockerIgnoreContext) Process(filesToRemove []string) error {
f, err := c.Open(".dockerignore")
// Note that a missing .dockerignore file isn't treated as an error
if err != nil {
if os.IsNotExist(err) {
return nil
return err
excludes, _ := dockerignore.ReadAll(f)
filesToRemove = append([]string{".dockerignore"}, filesToRemove...)
for _, fileToRemove := range filesToRemove {
rm, _ := fileutils.Matches(fileToRemove, excludes)
if rm {
return nil