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package container
import (
// IsDefault indicates whether container uses the default network stack.
func (n NetworkMode) IsDefault() bool {
return n == "default"
// IsNone indicates whether container isn't using a network stack.
func (n NetworkMode) IsNone() bool {
return n == "none"
// IsContainer indicates whether container uses a container network stack.
// Returns false as windows doesn't support this mode
func (n NetworkMode) IsContainer() bool {
return false
// IsBridge indicates whether container uses the bridge network stack
// in windows it is given the name NAT
func (n NetworkMode) IsBridge() bool {
return n == "nat"
// IsHost indicates whether container uses the host network stack.
// returns false as this is not supported by windows
func (n NetworkMode) IsHost() bool {
return false
// IsPrivate indicates whether container uses its private network stack.
func (n NetworkMode) IsPrivate() bool {
return !(n.IsHost() || n.IsContainer())
// ConnectedContainer is the id of the container which network this container is connected to.
// Returns blank string on windows
func (n NetworkMode) ConnectedContainer() string {
return ""
// IsUserDefined indicates user-created network
func (n NetworkMode) IsUserDefined() bool {
return !n.IsDefault() && !n.IsNone() && !n.IsBridge()
// IsHyperV indicates the use of a Hyper-V partition for isolation
func (i Isolation) IsHyperV() bool {
return strings.ToLower(string(i)) == "hyperv"
// IsProcess indicates the use of process isolation
func (i Isolation) IsProcess() bool {
return strings.ToLower(string(i)) == "process"
// IsValid indicates if an isolation technology is valid
func (i Isolation) IsValid() bool {
return i.IsDefault() || i.IsHyperV() || i.IsProcess()
// NetworkName returns the name of the network stack.
func (n NetworkMode) NetworkName() string {
if n.IsDefault() {
return "default"
} else if n.IsBridge() {
return "nat"
} else if n.IsNone() {
return "none"
} else if n.IsUserDefined() {
return n.UserDefined()
return ""
//UserDefined indicates user-created network
func (n NetworkMode) UserDefined() string {
if n.IsUserDefined() {
return string(n)
return ""