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package system
import (
// systemRouter provides information about the Docker system overall.
// It gathers information about host, daemon and container events.
type systemRouter struct {
backend Backend
clusterProvider *cluster.Cluster
routes []router.Route
// NewRouter initializes a new system router
func NewRouter(b Backend, c *cluster.Cluster) router.Router {
r := &systemRouter{
backend: b,
clusterProvider: c,
r.routes = []router.Route{
router.NewOptionsRoute("/{anyroute:.*}", optionsHandler),
router.NewGetRoute("/_ping", pingHandler),
router.Cancellable(router.NewGetRoute("/events", r.getEvents)),
router.NewGetRoute("/info", r.getInfo),
router.NewGetRoute("/version", r.getVersion),
router.NewGetRoute("/system/df", r.getDiskUsage),
router.NewPostRoute("/auth", r.postAuth),
return r
// Routes returns all the API routes dedicated to the docker system
func (s *systemRouter) Routes() []router.Route {
return s.routes