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# This bash script outputs the current, desired content of version.go, using
# git describe. For best effect, pipe this to the target file. Generally, this
# only needs to updated for releases. The actual value of will be replaced
# during build time if the makefile is used.
set -e
cat <<EOF
package version
// Package is the overall, canonical project import path under which the
// package was built.
var Package = "$(go list)"
// Version indicates which version of the binary is running. This is set to
// the latest release tag by hand, always suffixed by "+unknown". During
// build, it will be replaced by the actual version. The value here will be
// used if the registry is run after a go get based install.
var Version = "$(git describe --match 'v[0-9]*' --dirty='.m' --always)+unknown"
// Revision is filled with the VCS (e.g. git) revision being used to build
// the program at linking time.
var Revision = ""