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.. _minimum-system-requirements:
Minimum System Requirements
Management Server, Database, and Storage System Requirements
The machines that will run the Management Server and MySQL database must
meet the following requirements. The same machines can also be used to
provide primary and secondary storage, such as via localdisk or NFS. The
Management Server may be placed on a virtual machine.
- Operating system:
- Preferred: CentOS/RHEL 6.3+ or Ubuntu 14.04(.2)
- 64-bit x86 CPU (more cores results in better performance)
- 4 GB of memory
- 250 GB of local disk (more results in better capability; 500 GB
- At least 1 NIC
- Statically allocated IP address
- Fully qualified domain name as returned by the hostname command
Host/Hypervisor System Requirements
The host is where the cloud services run in the form of guest virtual
machines. Each host is one machine that meets the following
- Must support HVM (Intel-VT or AMD-V enabled).
- 64-bit x86 CPU (more cores results in better performance)
- Hardware virtualization support required
- 4 GB of memory
- 36 GB of local disk
- At least 1 NIC
- Latest hotfixes applied to hypervisor software
- When you deploy CloudStack, the hypervisor host must not have any VMs
already running
- All hosts within a cluster must be homogeneous. The CPUs must be of
the same type, count, and feature flags.
Hosts have additional requirements depending on the hypervisor. See the
requirements listed at the top of the Installation section for your
chosen hypervisor:
.. warning::
Be sure you fulfill the additional hypervisor requirements and installation
steps provided in this Guide. Hypervisor hosts must be properly prepared to
work with CloudStack. For example, the requirements for XenServer are
listed under Citrix XenServer Installation.