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Who Should Read This
For those who have already gone through a design phase and planned a
more sophisticated deployment, or those who are ready to start scaling
up a trial installation. With the following procedures, you can start
using the more powerful features of CloudStack, such as advanced VLAN
networking, high availability, additional network elements such as load
balancers and firewalls, and support for multiple hypervisors including
Citrix XenServer, KVM, and VMware vSphere.
Installation Steps
For anything more than a simple trial installation, you will need
guidance for a variety of configuration choices. It is strongly
recommended that you read the following:
- Choosing a Deployment Architecture
- Choosing a Hypervisor: Supported Features
- Network Setup
- Storage Setup
- Best Practices
#. Make sure you have the required hardware ready.
See :ref:`minimum-system-requirements`
#. Install the Management Server (choose single-node or multi-node).
See :ref:`install-mgt`
#. Configure your cloud. See :ref:`Configuring_your_CloudStack_Installation`
#. Using CloudStack UI. See `*User Interface* <>`_
#. Add a zone. Includes the first pod, cluster, and host. See :ref:`adding-a-zone`
#. Add more pods (optional). See :ref:`adding-a-pod`
#. Add more clusters (optional). See :ref:`adding-a-cluster`
#. Add more hosts (optional). See :ref:`adding-a-host`
#. Add more primary storage (optional). See :ref:`add-primary-storage`
#. Add more secondary storage (optional). See :ref:`add-secondary-storage`
#. Try using the cloud. See :ref:`initialize-and-test`