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Additional Management Servers
For your second and subsequent Management Servers, you will install the
Management Server software, connect it to the database, and set up the
OS for the Management Server.
#. Perform the steps in `“Prepare the Operating System”
<#prepare-the-operating-system>`_ and `Building RPMs from Source
<building_from_source.html#building-rpms-from-source>`_ or
`“Building DEB packages”
<building_from_source.html#building-deb-packages>`_ as appropriate.
#. This step is required only for installations where XenServer is
installed on the hypervisor hosts.
Download vhd-util from
`vhd-util <>`_
Copy vhd-util to
#. Ensure that necessary services are started and set to start on boot.
.. sourcecode:: bash
service rpcbind start
service nfs start
chkconfig nfs on
chkconfig rpcbind on
#. Configure the database client. Note the absence of the --deploy-as
argument in this case. (For more details about the arguments to this
command, see :ref:`install-database-on-separate-node`.)
.. sourcecode:: bash
cloudstack-setup-databases cloud:dbpassword@dbhost \
-e encryption_type \
-m management_server_key \
-k database_key \
-i management_server_ip
#. Configure the OS and start the Management Server:
.. sourcecode:: bash
The Management Server on this node should now be running.
If the servlet container is Tomcat7 the argument --tomcat7 must be used.
#. Repeat these steps on each additional Management Server.
#. Be sure to configure a load balancer for the Management Servers. See
`“Management Server Load Balancing”