Add additional POST INSTALL Message

- Elaborated the POST INSTALL Message when the -e flag is used
- Create a new POST INSTALL Message for those who do not use the -e
diff --git a/easy-ocw/ b/easy-ocw/
index c3ddddc..1e6a248 100755
--- a/easy-ocw/
+++ b/easy-ocw/
@@ -158,6 +158,12 @@
 if [ $WITH_VIRTUAL_ENV == 1 ]; then
+If you are familiar with virtualenv you should know that activating
+the new 'ocw' environment is different because we use conda to install
+packages.  An example of the command you want to run is listed in the
+alias below.
 To make it easier to change into the 'ocw' virtualenv add the
 following alias to your ~/.bash_profile
@@ -165,5 +171,26 @@
 When you want to use ocw in the future, you just have to type 'ocw'
 in your terminal."
+If you have run this script within your own virtualenv you need to know
+a couple of caveats/side effects that are caused by using conda to install
+packages within the virtualenv.
+- Virtualenv wrapper will throw errors like those outlined here:
+- You will not be able to 'activate' the environment using the normal
+virtualenv command, you must instead use the conda activate command as follows:
+source path/to/your_env/bin/activate path/to/your_env
+Example:  (assuming your env is in ~/.virtualenv/ocw)
+source ~/.virtualenv/ocw/bin/activate ~/.virtualenv/ocw