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Use OCW to subset TRMM data ( for NCA regions and draw
a contour map for the U.S. (CA', 'NV', 'UT', 'AZ', 'NM', 'CO'), Cuba and
the Bahamas (
In this example:
1. Interface with the Regional Climate Model Evaluation Database (
to load the TRMM dataset.
2. Define the bounds for the U.S. (CA', 'NV', 'UT', 'AZ', 'NM', 'CO'), Cuba and the Bahamas and
the start date / end date.
3. Create a contour map of the TRMM data for the U.S., Cuba, and Bahamas.
OCW modules demonstrated:
1. datasource/rcmed
2. dataset (Bounds)
3. dataset_processor
4. plotter
from __future__ import print_function
import ssl
from datetime import datetime
import as ma
import ocw.data_source.rcmed as rcmed
import ocw.dataset_processor as dsp
import ocw.plotter as plotter
from ocw.dataset import Bounds
if hasattr(ssl, '_create_unverified_context'):
ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context
# rectangular boundary
min_lat = 15.75
max_lat = 55.75
min_lon = -125.75
max_lon = -66.75
start_time = datetime(1998, 1, 1)
end_time = datetime(1998, 12, 31)
TRMM_dataset = rcmed.parameter_dataset(3, 36, min_lat, max_lat, min_lon, max_lon,
start_time, end_time)
Cuba_and_Bahamas_bounds = Bounds(
boundary_type='countries', countries=['Cuba', 'Bahamas'])
# to mask out the data over Mexico and Canada
TRMM_dataset2 = dsp.subset(
TRMM_dataset, Cuba_and_Bahamas_bounds, extract=False)
plotter.draw_contour_map(ma.mean(TRMM_dataset2.values, axis=0), TRMM_dataset2.lats,
TRMM_dataset2.lons, fname='TRMM_without_Cuba_and_Bahamas')
NCA_SW_bounds = \
Bounds(boundary_type='us_states', us_states=['CA', 'NV', 'UT', 'AZ', 'NM', 'CO'])
# to mask out the data over Mexico and Canada
TRMM_dataset3 = dsp.subset(TRMM_dataset2, NCA_SW_bounds, extract=True)
plotter.draw_contour_map(ma.mean(TRMM_dataset3.values, axis=0),
TRMM_dataset3.lats, TRMM_dataset3.lons, fname='TRMM_NCA_SW')