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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
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# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
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# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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Use OCW to define a set a sub regions and draw the sub regions.
In this example:
1. Subset the data set (lat / lon / start date / end date).
2. Draw each sub region.
OCW modules demonstrated:
1. dataset (Bounds)
2. plotter
from __future__ import print_function
import datetime
import numpy as np
import ocw.plotter as plotter
from ocw.dataset import Bounds
OUTPUT_PLOT = "subregions"
# Spatial and temporal configurations
LAT_MIN = -45.0
LAT_MAX = 42.24
LON_MIN = -24.0
LON_MAX = 60.0
START_SUB = datetime.datetime(2000, 1, 1)
END_SUB = datetime.datetime(2007, 12, 31)
# regridding parameters
gridLonStep = 0.5
gridLatStep = 0.5
# Regrid
print("... regrid")
new_lats = np.arange(LAT_MIN, LAT_MAX, gridLatStep)
new_lons = np.arange(LON_MIN, LON_MAX, gridLonStep)
list_of_regions = [
Bounds(lat_min=-10.0, lat_max=0.0, lon_min=29.0, lon_max=36.5, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=0.0, lat_max=10.0, lon_min=29.0, lon_max=37.5, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=10.0, lat_max=20.0, lon_min=25.0, lon_max=32.5, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=20.0, lat_max=33.0, lon_min=25.0, lon_max=32.5, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=-19.3, lat_max=-10.2, lon_min=12.0, lon_max=20.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=15.0, lat_max=30.0, lon_min=15.0, lon_max=25.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=-10.0, lat_max=10.0, lon_min=7.3, lon_max=15.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=-10.9, lat_max=10.0, lon_min=5.0, lon_max=7.3, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=33.9, lat_max=40.0, lon_min=6.9, lon_max=15.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=10.0, lat_max=25.0, lon_min=0.0, lon_max=10.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=10.0, lat_max=25.0, lon_min=-10.0, lon_max=0.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=30.0, lat_max=40.0, lon_min=-15.0, lon_max=0.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB),
Bounds(lat_min=33.0, lat_max=40.0, lon_min=25.0, lon_max=35.0, start=START_SUB, end=END_SUB)]
# for plotting the subregions
plotter.draw_subregions(list_of_regions, new_lats,
new_lons, OUTPUT_PLOT, fmt='png')