DotCMIS 0.3 release preparation

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-Apache Chemistry DotCMIS 0.2

+Apache Chemistry DotCMIS 0.3



 Apache Chemistry DotCMIS is a Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

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 See for code samples

 and DotCMISDoc.chm for the API documentation.



-This is the second release of DotCMIS. All CMIS operations and both bindings have 

-been implemented. The API is complete and is not supposed to change in following releases. 

-The most frequently used operations have been successfully tested against a small number 

-of repositories from different vendors.


-However, the current test coverage is not sufficient to identify all kinds of problems and

-compatibility issues. The code base will be tested and improved in the following releases. 

+This third release is a bug fix release.

 If you find a problem, please let us know:



 Change log 



+DotCMIS 0.3:


+- DotCMIS only requires the .NET Client Profile.

+- Several bug and interoptability fixes.



 DotCMIS 0.2:


 - Web Services compatibility has been improved. 

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 rem It requires Cygwin.