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import logging
import pytest
import re
import threading
from cassandra.query import SimpleStatement
from dtest import Tester, create_ks
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class TestPendingRangeMovements(Tester):
def test_pending_range(self):
@jira_ticket CASSANDRA-10887
cluster = self.cluster
# If we are on 2.1, we need to set the log level to debug or higher, as debug.log does not exist.
if cluster.version() < '2.2':
# Create 5 node cluster
ring_delay_ms = 3_600_000 # 1 hour
node1, node2 = cluster.nodelist()[0:2]
# Set up RF=3 keyspace
session = self.patient_cql_connection(node1)
create_ks(session, 'ks', 3)
session.execute("CREATE TABLE users (login text PRIMARY KEY, email text, name text, login_count int)")
# We use the partition key 'jdoe3' because it belongs to node1.
# The key MUST belong to node1 to repro the bug.
session.execute("INSERT INTO users (login, email, name, login_count) VALUES ('jdoe3', '', 'Jane Doe', 1) IF NOT EXISTS;")
lwt_query = SimpleStatement("UPDATE users SET email = '' WHERE login = 'jdoe3' IF email = ''")
# Show we can execute LWT no problem
for i in range(1000):
token = '-634023222112864484'
mark = node1.mark_log()
# Move a node without waiting for the response of nodetool, so we don't have to wait for ring_delay
threading.Thread(target=(lambda: node1.nodetool('move {}'.format(token)))).start()
# Watch the log so we know when the node is moving
node1.watch_log_for('Moving .* to {}'.format(token), timeout=10, from_mark=mark)
node1.watch_log_for('Sleeping {} ms before start streaming/fetching ranges'.format(ring_delay_ms),
timeout=10, from_mark=mark)
# Watch the logs so we know when all the nodes see the status update to MOVING
for node in cluster.nodelist():
if cluster.version() >= '2.2':
if cluster.version() >= '4.0':
node.watch_log_for(' state MOVING', timeout=10, filename='debug.log')
node.watch_log_for(' state moving', timeout=10, filename='debug.log')
# 2.1 doesn't have debug.log, so we are logging at trace, and look
# in the system.log file
node.watch_log_for(' state moving', timeout=10, filename='system.log')
# Once the node is MOVING, kill it immediately, let the other nodes notice
node1.stop(gently=False, wait_other_notice=True)
# Verify other nodes believe that the killed node is Down/Moving
out, _, _ = node2.nodetool('ring')
logger.debug("Nodetool Ring output: {}".format(out))
assert'127\.0\.0\.1.*?Down.*?Moving', out) is not None
# Check we can still execute LWT
for i in range(1000):