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import pytest
import re
import logging
from dtest import Tester
since = pytest.mark.since
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class TestLargeColumn(Tester):
Check that inserting and reading large columns to the database doesn't cause off heap memory usage
that is proportional to the size of the memory read/written.
def stress_with_col_size(self, cluster, node, size):
size = str(size)
node.stress(['write', 'n=5', "no-warmup", "cl=ALL", "-pop", "seq=1...5", "-schema", "replication(factor=2)", "-col", "n=fixed(1)", "size=fixed(" + size + ")", "-rate", "threads=1"])
node.stress(['read', 'n=5', "no-warmup", "cl=ALL", "-pop", "seq=1...5", "-schema", "replication(factor=2)", "-col", "n=fixed(1)", "size=fixed(" + size + ")", "-rate", "threads=1"])
def directbytes(self, node):
def is_number(s):
return True
except ValueError:
return False
output, err, _ = node.nodetool("gcstats")
output = output.split("\n")
assert'Interval', output[0].strip())
fields = output[1].split()
assert len(fields) >= 6, "Expected output from nodetool gcstats has at least six fields. However >= fields is: {}".format(fields)
for field in fields:
assert is_number(field.strip()) or field == 'NaN', "Expected numeric from fields from nodetool gcstats. However, field.strip() is: {}".format(field.strip())
return fields[6]
def test_cleanup(self):
@jira_ticket CASSANDRA-8670
cluster = self.cluster
# Commit log segment size needs to increase for the database to be willing to accept columns that large
# internode compression is disabled because the regression being tested occurs in NIO buffer pooling without compression
configuration = {'commitlog_segment_size_in_mb': 128, 'internode_compression': 'none'}
if cluster.version() >= '4.0':
configuration['internode_max_message_size_in_bytes'] = 128 * 1024 * 1024
# Have Netty allocate memory on heap so it is clear if memory used for large columns is related to intracluster messaging
cluster.populate(2).start(jvm_args=[" -Dcassandra.netty_use_heap_allocator=true "])
node1, node2 = cluster.nodelist()
session = self.patient_cql_connection(node1)
logger.debug("Before stress {0}".format(self.directbytes(node1)))
logger.debug("Running stress")
# Run the full stack to see how much memory is utilized for "small" columns
self.stress_with_col_size(cluster, node1, 1)
beforeStress = self.directbytes(node1)
logger.debug("Ran stress once {0}".format(beforeStress))
# Now run the full stack to see how much memory is utilized for "large" columns
LARGE_COLUMN_SIZE = 1024 * 1024 * 63
self.stress_with_col_size(cluster, node1, LARGE_COLUMN_SIZE)
output, err, _ = node1.nodetool("gcstats")
afterStress = self.directbytes(node1)
logger.debug("After stress {0}".format(afterStress))
# Any growth in memory usage should not be proportional column size. Really almost no memory should be used
# since Netty was instructed to use a heap allocator
diff = int(afterStress) - int(beforeStress)
assert diff < LARGE_COLUMN_SIZE