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import pytest
import logging
from distutils.version import LooseVersion
from ccmlib.node import ToolError
from dtest import Tester
from tools.jmxutils import apply_jmx_authentication
since = pytest.mark.since
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class TestJMXAuth(Tester):
def test_basic_auth(self):
Some basic smoke testing of JMX authentication and authorization.
Uses nodetool as a means of exercising the JMX interface as JolokiaAgent
exposes its own connector which bypasses the in-built security features
@jira_ticket CASSANDRA-10091
[node] = self.cluster.nodelist()
node.nodetool('-u cassandra -pw cassandra status')
session = self.patient_cql_connection(node, user='cassandra', password='cassandra')
# the jmx_user role has no login privilege but give it a password anyway
# to demonstrate that LOGIN is required for JMX authentication
session.execute("CREATE ROLE jmx_user WITH LOGIN=false AND PASSWORD='321cba'")
session.execute("GRANT SELECT ON MBEAN '' TO jmx_user")
session.execute("GRANT DESCRIBE ON ALL MBEANS TO jmx_user")
session.execute("CREATE ROLE test WITH LOGIN=true and PASSWORD='abc123'")
with pytest.raises(ToolError, match=self.authentication_fail_message(node, 'baduser')):
node.nodetool('-u baduser -pw abc123 gossipinfo')
with pytest.raises(ToolError, match=self.authentication_fail_message(node, 'test')):
node.nodetool('-u test -pw badpassword gossipinfo')
with pytest.raises(ToolError, match="Required key 'username' is missing"):
# role must have LOGIN attribute
with pytest.raises(ToolError, match='jmx_user is not permitted to log in'):
node.nodetool('-u jmx_user -pw 321cba gossipinfo')
# test doesn't yet have any privileges on the necessary JMX resources
with pytest.raises(ToolError, match='Access Denied'):
node.nodetool('-u test -pw abc123 gossipinfo')
session.execute("GRANT jmx_user TO test")
node.nodetool('-u test -pw abc123 gossipinfo')
# superuser status applies to JMX authz too
node.nodetool('-u cassandra -pw cassandra gossipinfo')
def prepare(self, nodes=1, permissions_validity=0):
config = {'authenticator': 'org.apache.cassandra.auth.PasswordAuthenticator',
'authorizer': 'org.apache.cassandra.auth.CassandraAuthorizer',
'permissions_validity_in_ms': permissions_validity}
[node] = self.cluster.nodelist()
node.watch_log_for('Created default superuser')
def authentication_fail_message(self, node, username):
return "Provided username {user} and/or password are incorrect".format(user=username) \
if node.cluster.version() >= LooseVersion('3.10') else "Username and/or password are incorrect"