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== Camel Example Main Artemis
This example shows how to run Camel standalone via the built-in Main class.
The example requires a running Apache ActiveMQ Artemis broker running.
The example also demonstrates how you can configure the Camel application
via Camel built-in dependency-injection that supports binding via the
`@BindToRegistry`, `@BeanInject` and `@PropertyInject` annotations.
Also notice how you can configure Camel in the `` file.
The example also demonstrates how you can configure the ActiveMQ Artemis JMS `ConnectionFactory`
via two different styles
- via `@BindToRegistry` from Java source code in the `` source file
- via `` and the `camel-main-maven-plugin`
that performs classpath scanning to auto-detect the JMS client and prepare for autowiring
by generating the `META-INF/services/org/apache/camel/` file.
=== How to run
First install[Apache ActiveMQ Artemis]
and create a broker, such as `mybroker`, and create the admin user as `admin` as username
and `admin` as password:
bin/artemis create mybroker
cd mybroker
bin/artemis run
Then you can run this example using
mvn camel:run
=== More information
You can find more information about Apache Camel at the website: