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== Camel Example Main
This example shows how to run Camel standalone via the built-in Main class.
The example also demonstrates how you can configure the Camel application
via Camel built-in dependency-injection that supports binding via the
`@BindToRegistry`, `@BeanInject` and `@PropertyInject` annotations.
Also notice how you can configure Camel in the `` file.
=== Alternative example
The class `StandaloneCamel` is an alternative example that uses a
_public static void main_ class and where you manually setup Camel without
any help from Camel's built-in Main class. However it shows how to do this
in a _raw style_ without using any _magic_.
=== How to run
You can run this example using
mvn camel:run
=== More information
You can find more information about Apache Camel at the website: