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= Camel Component Starters
Starters are Apache Camel modules intended to be used in Spring Boot applications.
There is a `camel-xxx-starter` module for each Camel component (with few exceptions listed below).
Starters are created to meet the following requirements:
* Allow the auto-configuration of the component through the native spring-boot configuration system (compatible with IDE tooling)
* Manage transitive logging dependencies to better integrate with spring-boot logging system
* Include additional dependencies and align transitive ones to minimize the effort of creating a working spring-boot application
Each starter has its own integration test (in path `tests/camel-itest-spring-boot`) that verifies its compatibility with the current release of spring-boot.
The following components do not have a starter because of compatibility issues:
* **camel-blueprint** (intended for OSGi only)
* **camel-cdi** (intended for CDI only)
* **camel-core-osgi** (intended for OSGi only)
* **camel-ejb** (intended for JEE only)
* **camel-eventadmin** (intended for OSGi only)
* **camel-ibatis** (`camel-mybatis-starter` is included)
* **camel-jclouds**
* **camel-mina** (`camel-mina2-starter` is included)
* **camel-paxlogging** (intended for OSGi only)
* **camel-quartz** (`camel-quartz2-starter` is included)
* **camel-spark-rest**
* **camel-swagger** (`camel-swagger-java-starter` is included)