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== Camel Example Validator Spring Boot
This example shows how to work with a simple Apache Camel application using Spring Boot with declarative content validation enabled.
The example generates messages using timer trigger, writes them to standard output. The output type is declared as `greeting`, which has corresponding validator defined.
=== Camel routes
The Camel route is located in the `SampleCamelRouter` class. In this class the route
starts from a timer, that triggers every 2nd second and calls a Spring Bean `SampleBean`
which returns a message, that is routed to a stream endpoint which writes to standard output.
The output type is declared as `greeting`, and the validator `GreetingValidator` is registered
to be triggered for `greeting` output message right after the routing.
=== Using Camel components
Apache Camel provides 200+ components which you can use to integrate and route messages between many systems
and data formats. To use any of these Camel components, add the component as a dependency to your project.
=== How to run
You can run this example using
mvn spring-boot:run
=== Help and contributions
If you hit any problem using Camel or have some feedback, then please[let us know].
We also love contributors, so[get involved] :-)
The Camel riders!