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== OpenTracing Example
=== Introduction
This example shows how to use Camel with OpenTracing to trace all
incoming and outgoing Camel messages.
The example uses a ElastiCo APM Client.
Route client -> service1 using HTTP.
=== Before you start
You need to configure EAK stack - Elasticsearch, APM Server and Kibana
Please follow to get up and running
=== Build
You will need to compile this example first:
$ mvn compile
=== Run the example
$ mvn compile spring-boot:run
The client application explicitly instantiates and initializes the
=== View results
After seeing in console messages from timer, visit Kibana to view traces -
select any transaction and click "View full trace"
=== Help and contributions
If you hit any problem using Camel or have some feedback, then please[let us know].
We also love contributors, so[get involved] :-)
The Camel riders!