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= Local/partial build of docs
See for initial setup instructions and more details.
After initial setup, there are three local build options:
== Quick: `./ quick`
This will build this project only.
Links out of this component will go to the published Camel website, and there will be no links back.
This is primarily intended to check for errors.
== Full: `./ full`
This will build the full site locally, with your changes in this project.
Running this (at least) once is a prerequisite for the partial build.
This should show the site exactly as it would be should your changes be merged.
== Partial: `./`
This will build this project only, replacing this component in the locally built "full" build, and start a local server to view with, rebuild the project when file changes are detected, and sync your browser with the rebuilt site.
This is intended for documentation development.