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Apache BVal - CHANGES.txt
Licensed under Apache License 2.0 -
* Overview
* Disclaimer
* Prerequisites
* Documentation
* Getting Involved
* Release Notes
This is an implementation of JSR 303 (Bean Validation), a specification of the
Java API for Javabean validation in Java EE and Java SE.
The technical objective is to provide a class level constraint declaration and
validation facility for the Java application developer, as well as a constraint
metadata repository and query API.
This implementation is based on the validation framework of Agimatec GmbH,
which was contributed to the ASF under a software grant.
You need a platform that supports Java SE 5 or later.
Please refer to the project page at:
Getting Involved
The Apache BVal project is being built by the open source community
for the open source community - we welcome your input and contributions!
What are we looking for?
* Source code and fixes contributions
* Documentation assistance
* Project and feature suggestions
* Integration and testing with other projects
* Detailed and constructive feedback
* Articles and whitepapers
How do I Contribute?
* To discuss BVal topics, check out the mailing lists.
* Bugs and other issues can be posted on the project JIRA.
Release Notes - BVal - Version 0.5
* [BVAL-106] - FeaturesCapable compilation fails on JDK7
* [BVAL-111] - ValidatorFactory-bound ConstraintValidatorFactory used instead of ValidatorContext-bound instance
* [BVAL-112] - Reduced log level of ignoreXmlConfiguration message from INFO to CONFIG
Release Notes - BVal - Version 0.4
* [BVAL-54] - Handle Java security policies and managers
* [BVAL-63] - use java.util.ServiceLoader in DefaultValidationProviderResolver#getValidationProviders()
* [BVAL-89] - Application specific constraints and artifacts not visible by provider in OSGI-based app server
* [BVAL-90] - Inconsistent fraction handling of @Digits when target is a BigDecimal
* [BVAL-91] - Security hole in org.apache.bval.util.MethodAccess.get()
* [BVAL-92] - Security holes in org.apache.bval.util.PrivilegedActions
* [BVAL-94] - Missing SVN EOL properties
* [BVAL-95] - Beanvalidation with Generic-DataTypes
* [BVAL-96] - Use correct encoding for localization messages
* [BVAL-97] - More than one META-INF/validation.xml in tomcat webapp
* [BVAL-100] - Java2 Security AccessControlException after moving to use common-lang3
* [BVAL-104] - german validation messages properties are broken
* [BVAL-68] - Use FindBugs to reduce coding errors
* [BVAL-99] - upgrade to apache parent pom 10
* [BVAL-103] - switch BVal from slf4j to java.util.logging
Release Notes for 0.3-incubating
* [BVAL-84] - CNFEX org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder building xstream and guice
* [BVAL-86] - Missing DecimalMax/DecimalMin constraint messages in
* [BVAL-87] - Java 2 security violations in ClassValidator.validate
* [BVAL-88] - Cascaded validation adds a constraint violation for valid child property
* [BVAL-60] - Use SLF4J API for logging
* [BVAL-85] - bval-core has no dependency on slf4j-jcl*
Release Notes for 0.2-incubating
* [BVAL-47] - Correctly follow GroupSequence definitions when validating
* [BVAL-70] - Remove @Override annotations from methods implementing interfaces
* [BVAL-71] - Compile errors with Java SE 5
* [BVAL-72] - NPE when doing methodvalidation
* [BVAL-77] - Recent changes made the bval-xstream module required, instead of optional
* [BVAL-59] - Write or reuse an scm-plugin mojo to capture the svn revision
* [BVAL-69] - make dependency to com.thoughtworks.xstream of bval-core optional or obsolete
* [BVAL-73] - Alternative way of addressing code reuse issue between the validators
* [BVAL-74] - Remove redundant method call from ClassValidator.validateProperty()
* [BVAL-75] - javadocs, compiler (generics) warnings, etc.
* [BVAL-76] - Correct spelling error in API: ConstraintValidationListener.getConstaintViolations()
* [BVAL-78] - Avoid unsafe casting and object swapping when processing @ReportAsSingleViolation composed constraints
* [BVAL-79] - email validation can easily work for any CharSequence rather than String only
Release Notes for 0.1-incubating
* [BVAL-3] - Move all copyrights to NOTICE files
* [BVAL-4] - Rename java packages
* [BVAL-5] - Update builds for incubator
* [BVAL-7] - Setup initial structure/navigation/content in the wiki
* [BVAL-8] - Setup confluence autoexport template
* [BVAL-9] - Setup rsync cron job to copy autoexport content over to www staging area
* [BVAL-11] - After moved java packages tests don't work
* [BVAL-13] - ConstraintViolationImpl must be Serialziable according to JSR303 spec
* [BVAL-15] - @Min and @Max fail with very high values of long
* [BVAL-17] - PathImpl keeps a null-named first node on unindexed property paths
* [BVAL-18] - DefaultMessageInterpolator substitutes unexistant variables with the whole message
* [BVAL-19] - Several changes to pass 12 more tests
* [BVAL-20] - When building a MetaBean, the full tree of subclasses/interfaces must be considered
* [BVAL-21] - ConstraintViolations set should not have duplicates and should store ElementType and use it in equals()
* [BVAL-22] - Incorrect output or IOBException when interpolating messages when annotation values have $ or \
* [BVAL-23] - Circular dependency check produces false positives
* [BVAL-24] - IllegalArgumentException should be thrown when calling Validator.getConstraintsForClass() with a null class
* [BVAL-26] - IllegalAccessException is thrown when accesing annotation values
* [BVAL-27] - IllegalArgumentException should be thrown when calling BeanDescriptor.getConstraintsForProperty(null)
* [BVAL-28] - Property path for nodes inside iterables that do not implement List should not contain the index
* [BVAL-29] - Defer node creation in implementation of ConstraintViolationBuilder API
* [BVAL-30] - Groups from the main constraint annotation must be inherited by the composing annotations
* [BVAL-31] - A ConstraintDefinitionException should be thrown when the resolved validator is not compatible with the annotation type
* [BVAL-32] - Annotations associated with composited contraints must reflect inherited groups
* [BVAL-33] - Payload value must also be inherited in compositing constraints
* [BVAL-34] - Parameter for @Pattern message should be {regexp}
* [BVAL-35] - Improved support of @OverridesAttribute
* [BVAL-36] - Improve @ReportAsSingleValidation implementation
* [BVAL-37] - Ensure constraint definitions are valid
* [BVAL-38] - Groups and payload values must be part of the ConstraintDescriptor attributes
* [BVAL-39] - Implicit groups should be correctly set in constraint descriptors
* [BVAL-41] - Package bval artifacts as bundles
* [BVAL-42] - Stop group sequence validation when at least 1 violation is already reported
* [BVAL-43] - GroupDefinitionException must be thrown on cyclic group detection
* [BVAL-45] - ValidationException must be thrown when validating a bean with an annotated method which isn't a valid getter
* [BVAL-48] - jUnit failure during build on Windows - trunk rev 945800
* [BVAL-49] - ValidationException must be thrown in case ConstraintValidatorFactory returns null for a valid getInstance call
* [BVAL-50] - Fix TraversableResolver usage
* [BVAL-51] - Several fixes in ElementDescriptor and subinterfaces impls
* [BVAL-53] - Several fixes for XML metadata processing impl
* [BVAL-55] - Fix remaining TCK tests
* [BVAL-58] - Clean up build before release
* [BVAL-62] - add missing ASL headers
* [BVAL-64] - org.apache.bval.bundle needs a custom NOTICE file
* [BVAL-65] - Incubator required DISCLAIMER missing from jars
* [BVAL-67] - Resolve NOTICE file issues fond during RC2 vote
* [BVAL-12] - Current implementation of method validation (appendix C of JSR-303) doesn't work with some constraints
* [BVAL-16] - Maven project to launch TCK suite
* [BVAL-44] - Move optional JSON code out of bval-core to a bval-json module
* [BVAL-46] - Create project source assembly
* [BVAL-52] - ValidationParser.getInputStream() should call getResourceAsStream() for TCK suite to work
* [BVAL-57] - Create a single apache-bval jar/bundle
* [BVAL-66] - Method validation parameter processing problems
New Feature
* [BVAL-40] - Provide a way to display the BVal version being used
* [BVAL-56] - make bval work with geronimo spec osgi service locator
* [BVAL-2] - Initial codebase donation tasks
* [BVAL-6] - Setup project website
* [BVAL-10] - Setup continuous builds