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Apache BVal Release Notes
Licensed under Apache License 2.0 -
== Introduction
Apache BVal is an implementation of the JSR-303 and JSR-346 Bean Validation specifications.
== Release Notes
=== BVal-1.1.0
[BVAL-127] - Build failed java 8
[BVAL-128] - Validation of bean that implements Closeable results in an NPE
[BVAL-130] - ConstraintDefaults doesn't close InputStream
[BVAL-132] - TCK 1.1: BValInterceptor.isGetter is wrong
[BVAL-133] - Updated TCK Test Version for Bean Validation 1.1
New Feature
[BVAL-122] - Implement Bean Validation 1.1
[BVAL-120] - Add bval-tck11 tck runner for future work on Bean Validation 1.1
[BVAL-131] - Add gitignore
[BVAL-136] - fix artifactId of our bundle module
[BVAL-112] - ability to hide the log message of ConfigurationImpl