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.. _pluginauthoring:
Authoring Plugins
Here we try to provide any additional documentation one will need
to create their own custom plugins to use with BuildStream.
.. _core_framework:
Core Framework
The core public APIs are of interest to anyone who wishes to
implement custom :mod:`Element <buildstream.element>` or
:mod:`Source <buildstream.source>` plugins.
* :mod:`Plugin <buildstream.plugin>` - Base Class for all plugins
* :mod:`Source <buildstream.source>` - Base Source Class
* :mod:`Element <buildstream.element>` - Base Element Class
* :mod:`BuildElement <buildstream.buildelement>` - Build Element Class
* :mod:`ScriptElement <buildstream.scriptelement>` - Script Element Class
* :mod:`Sandbox <buildstream.sandbox.sandbox>` - Build Sandbox
* :mod:`Utilities <buildstream.utils>` - Utilities for Plugins