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# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Authors:
# Jim MacArthur <>
import shutil
from functools import partial
import grpc
from ._sandboxreapi import SandboxREAPI
from .. import _signals
from import remote_execution_pb2, remote_execution_pb2_grpc
from import code_pb2
from .._exceptions import BstError, SandboxError
from import operations_pb2, operations_pb2_grpc
from .._cas import CASRemote
# SandboxRemote()
# This isn't really a sandbox, it's a stub which sends all the sources and build
# commands to a remote server and retrieves the results from it.
class SandboxRemote(SandboxREAPI):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
context = self._get_context()
cascache = context.get_cascache()
specs = context.remote_execution_specs
if specs is None:
self.storage_spec = specs.storage_spec
self.exec_spec = specs.exec_spec
self.action_spec = specs.action_spec
self.operation_name = None
if self.storage_spec:
self.own_storage_remote = True
self.storage_remote = CASRemote(self.storage_spec, cascache)
except grpc.RpcError as e:
raise SandboxError(
"Failed to contact remote execution CAS endpoint at {}: {}".format(self.storage_spec.url, e)
) from e
self.own_storage_remote = False
self.storage_remote = cascache.get_default_remote()
def run_remote_command(self, channel, action_digest):
# Sends an execution request to the remote execution server.
# This function blocks until it gets a response from the server.
# Try to create a communication channel to the BuildGrid server.
stub = remote_execution_pb2_grpc.ExecutionStub(channel)
request = remote_execution_pb2.ExecuteRequest(
instance_name=self.exec_spec.instance_name, action_digest=action_digest, skip_cache_lookup=False
def __run_remote_command(stub, execute_request=None, running_operation=None):
last_operation = None
if execute_request is not None:
operation_iterator = stub.Execute(execute_request)
request = remote_execution_pb2.WaitExecutionRequest(
operation_iterator = stub.WaitExecution(request)
for operation in operation_iterator:
if not self.operation_name:
self.operation_name =
if operation.done:
return operation
last_operation = operation
except grpc.RpcError as e:
status_code = e.code()
if status_code in (
raise SandboxError(
"Failed contacting remote execution server at {}."
"{}: {}".format(self.exec_spec.url,, e.details())
if running_operation and status_code == grpc.StatusCode.UNIMPLEMENTED:
raise SandboxError(
"Failed trying to recover from connection loss: "
"server does not support operation status polling recovery."
return last_operation
# Set up signal handler to trigger cancel_operation on SIGTERM
operation = None
with self._get_context().messenger.timed_activity(
"Waiting for the remote build to complete", element_name=self._get_element_name()
), _signals.terminator(partial(self.cancel_operation, channel)):
operation = __run_remote_command(stub, execute_request=request)
if operation is None:
return None
elif operation.done:
return operation
while operation is not None and not operation.done:
operation = __run_remote_command(stub, running_operation=operation)
return operation
def cancel_operation(self, channel):
# If we don't have the name can't send request.
if self.operation_name is None:
stub = operations_pb2_grpc.OperationsStub(channel)
request = operations_pb2.CancelOperationRequest(name=str(self.operation_name))
except grpc.RpcError as e:
if e.code() == grpc.StatusCode.UNIMPLEMENTED or e.code() == grpc.StatusCode.INVALID_ARGUMENT:
raise SandboxError(
"Failed trying to send CancelOperation request: " "{} ({})".format(e.details(), e.code().name)
def _fetch_missing_blobs(self, vdir):
context = self._get_context()
cascache = context.get_cascache()
# Fetch the file blobs
if self.storage_spec:
dir_digest = vdir._get_digest()
required_blobs = cascache.required_blobs_for_directory(dir_digest)
local_missing_blobs = cascache.missing_blobs(required_blobs)
if local_missing_blobs:
cascache.fetch_blobs(self.storage_remote, local_missing_blobs)
def _execute_action(self, action, flags):
stdout, stderr = self._get_output()
context = self._get_context()
project = self._get_project()
cascache = context.get_cascache()
artifactcache = context.artifactcache
action_digest = cascache.add_object(buffer=action.SerializeToString())
casremote = self.storage_remote
# check action cache download and download if there
action_result = self._check_action_cache(action_digest)
if not action_result:
with self._get_context().messenger.timed_activity(
"Uploading input root", element_name=self._get_element_name()
# Determine blobs missing on remote
input_root_digest = action.input_root_digest
missing_blobs = list(cascache.missing_blobs_for_directory(input_root_digest, remote=casremote))
except grpc.RpcError as e:
raise SandboxError("Failed to determine missing blobs: {}".format(e)) from e
# Check if any blobs are also missing locally (partial artifact)
# and pull them from the artifact cache.
local_missing_blobs = cascache.missing_blobs(missing_blobs)
if local_missing_blobs:
artifactcache.fetch_missing_blobs(project, local_missing_blobs)
except (grpc.RpcError, BstError) as e:
raise SandboxError("Failed to pull missing blobs from artifact cache: {}".format(e)) from e
# Add command and action messages to blob list to push
# Now, push the missing blobs to the remote.
cascache.send_blobs(casremote, missing_blobs)
except grpc.RpcError as e:
raise SandboxError("Failed to push source directory to remote: {}".format(e)) from e
# Now request to execute the action
channel = self.exec_spec.open_channel()
with channel:
operation = self.run_remote_command(channel, action_digest)
action_result = self._extract_action_result(operation)
# Fetch outputs
for output_directory in action_result.output_directories:
tree_digest = output_directory.tree_digest
if tree_digest is None or not tree_digest.hash:
raise SandboxError("Output directory structure had no digest attached.")
# Now do a pull to ensure we have the full directory structure.
cascache.pull_tree(casremote, tree_digest)
# Fetch stdout and stderr blobs
cascache.fetch_blobs(casremote, [action_result.stdout_digest, action_result.stderr_digest])
# Forward remote stdout and stderr
if stdout:
if action_result.stdout_digest.hash:
with, "r") as f:
shutil.copyfileobj(f, stdout)
elif action_result.stdout_raw:
stdout.write(str(action_result.stdout_raw, "utf-8", errors="ignore"))
if stderr:
if action_result.stderr_digest.hash:
with, "r") as f:
shutil.copyfileobj(f, stderr)
elif action_result.stderr_raw:
stderr.write(str(action_result.stderr_raw, "utf-8", errors="ignore"))
return action_result
def _check_action_cache(self, action_digest):
# Checks the action cache to see if this artifact has already been built
# Should return either the action response or None if not found, raise
# Sandboxerror if other grpc error was raised
if not self.action_spec:
return None
channel = self.action_spec.open_channel()
with channel:
request = remote_execution_pb2.GetActionResultRequest(
instance_name=self.action_spec.instance_name, action_digest=action_digest
stub = remote_execution_pb2_grpc.ActionCacheStub(channel)
result = stub.GetActionResult(request)
except grpc.RpcError as e:
if e.code() != grpc.StatusCode.NOT_FOUND:
raise SandboxError("Failed to query action cache: {} ({})".format(e.code(), e.details()))
return None
context = self._get_context()"Action result found in action cache", element_name=self._get_element_name())
return result
def _extract_action_result(operation):
if operation is None:
# Failure of remote execution, usually due to an error in BuildStream
raise SandboxError("No response returned from server")
assert not operation.HasField("error") and operation.HasField("response")
execution_response = remote_execution_pb2.ExecuteResponse()
# The response is expected to be an ExecutionResponse message
assert operation.response.Is(execution_response.DESCRIPTOR)
if execution_response.status.code != code_pb2.OK:
# An unexpected error during execution: the remote execution
# system failed at processing the execution request.
if execution_response.status.message:
raise SandboxError(execution_response.status.message)
# Otherwise, report the failure in a more general manner
raise SandboxError("Remote server failed at executing the build request.")
return execution_response.result
def _cleanup(self):
if self.own_storage_remote: