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.TH "BST TRACK" "1" "26-Apr-2018" "" "bst track Manual"
bst\-track \- Track new source references
.B bst track
Consults the specified tracking branches for new versions available
to build and updates the project with any newly available references.
By default this will track just the specified element, but you can also
update a whole tree of dependencies in one go.
Specify `--deps` to control which sources to track:

none: No dependencies, just the specified elements
all: All dependencies of all specified elements
\fB\-\-except\fP PATH
Except certain dependencies from tracking
\fB\-d,\fP \-\-deps [none|all]
The dependencies to track (default: none)
\fB\-J,\fP \-\-cross\-junctions
Allow crossing junction boundaries