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VCS = git
style = pep440
versionfile_source = src/buildstream/
versionfile_build = buildstream/
tag_prefix =
tag_regex = *.*.*
parentdir_prefix = BuildStream-
addopts = --verbose --basetemp ./tmp --durations=20 --timeout=1800
norecursedirs = src tests/integration/project tests/plugins/loading tests/plugins/sample-plugins integration-cache tmp __pycache__ .eggs
python_files = tests/*/*.py
env =
markers =
datafiles: data files for tests
integration: run test only if --integration option is specified
remoteexecution: run test only if --remote-execution option is specified
remotecache: run tests only if --remote-cache option is specified
files = src
warn_unused_configs = True
warn_no_return = True
# Ignore missing stubs for third-party packages.
# In future, these should be re-enabled if/when stubs for them become available.
# Ignore issues with generated files and vendored code
ignore_errors = True