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Release 4.1.1 - UNRELEASED
Non-backward compatible changes:
Backward compatible changes:
BOOKKEEPER-298: We run with preferIPv4Stack in the scripts but not in the tests (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-352: Should not use static ServerStats/BKStats instance in TestServerStats/TestBKStats (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-294: Not able to start the bookkeeper before the ZK session timeout. (rakeshr via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-326: DeadLock during ledger recovery (rakeshr via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-382: space missed at concatenations in GarbageCollectorThread logging (Brahma via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-381: ReadLastConfirmedOp's Logger class name is wrong (surendra via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-387: BookKeeper Upgrade is not working. (surendra via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-330: System.currentTimeMillis usage in Hedwig (uma via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-396: Compilation issue in of BenchMark ( showing this in eclipse) (umamahesh via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-289: mvn clean doesn't remove test output files (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-296: It's better provide stop script for bookie (nijel via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-372: Check service name in bookie start/stop script. (nijel via sjie)
BOOKKEEPER-354: [BOOKKEEPER-296] [Documentation] Modify the bookkeeper start script and document the bookkeeper stop command in bookkeeperConfig.xml (Kiran BC via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-329: provide stop scripts for hub server (sijie)
Release 4.1.0 - 2012-06-07
Non-backward compatible changes:
Backward compatible changes:
BOOKKEEPER-145: Put notice and license file for distributed binaries in SVN (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-254: Bump zookeeper version in poms (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-72: Fix warnings issued by FindBugs (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-238: Add in conf/ for bin packages (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-142: Parsing last log id is wrong, which may make entry log files overwritten (Sijie Gou via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-141: Run extracting ledger id from entry log files in GC thread to speed up bookie restart (Sijie Gou via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-148: Jenkins build is failing (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-40: BookieClientTest fails intermittantly (fpj via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-150: Entry is lost when recovering a ledger with not enough bookies. (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-153: Ledger can't be opened or closed due to zero-length metadata (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-23: Timeout requests (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-161: PerChannelBookieClient tries to reuse HashedWheelTimer, throws Exception (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-167: PerChannelBookieClient doesn't use ClientConfiguration (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-156: BookieJournalRollingTest failing (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-162: LedgerHandle.readLastConfirmed does not work (fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-152: Can't recover a ledger whose current ensemble contain failed bookie. (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-171: ServerConfiguration can't use more than one directory for ledgers. (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-170: Bookie constructor starts a number of threads. (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-169: bookie hangs on reading header when encountering partial header index file (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-174: Bookie can't start when replaying entries whose ledger were deleted and garbage collected. (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-177: Index file is lost or some index pages aren't flushed. (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-113: NPE In BookKeeper test (fpj via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-176: HierarchicalBookieFailureTest Hung (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-180: bookie server doesn't quit when running out of disk space (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-185: Remove bookkeeper-server dependency on hadoop-common (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-184: CompactionTest failing on Jenkins (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-182: Entry log file is overwritten when fail to read lastLogId. (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-186: Bookkeeper throttling - permits is not released when read has failed from all replicas (Rakesh R via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-189: AbstractZkLedgerManager doesn't disregard cookies (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-195: HierarchicalLedgerManager doesn't consider idgen as a "specialNode" (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-190: Add entries would fail when number of open ledgers reaches more than openFileLimit. (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-194: Get correct latency for addEntry operations for JMX. (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-166: Bookie will not recover its journal if the length prefix of an entry is truncated (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-193: Ledger is garbage collected by mistake. (sijie, ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-198: replaying entries of deleted ledgers would exhaust ledger cache. (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-112: Bookie Recovery on an open ledger will cause LedgerHandle#close on that ledger to fail (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-135: Fencing does not check the ledger masterPasswd (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-212: Bookie stops responding when creating and deleting many ledgers (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-211: Bookie fails to to start (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-200: Fix format and comments (fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-216: Bookie doesn't exit with right exit code (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-196: Define interface between bookie and ledger storage (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-213: PerChannelBookieClient calls the wrong errorOut function when encountering an exception (Aniruddha via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-231: ZKUtil.killServer not closing the FileTxnSnapLog from ZK. (Uma Maheswara Rao G via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-232: AsyncBK tests failing (umamaheswararao via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-229: Deleted entry log files would be garbage collected again and again. (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-242: Bookkeeper not able to connect other zookeeper when shutdown the zookeeper server where the BK has connected. (sijie & rakeshr via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-234: EntryLogger will throw NPE, if any dir does not exist or IO Errors. (umamaheswararao via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-235: Bad syncing in entrylogger degrades performance for many concurrent ledgers (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-224: Fix findbugs in bookkeeper-server component (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-251: Noise error message printed when scanning entry log files those have been garbage collected. (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-266: Review versioning documentation (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-258: CompactionTest failed (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-273: LedgerHandle.deleteLedger() should be idempotent (Matteo Merli via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-281: BKClient is failing when zkclient connection delays (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-279: LocalBookKeeper is failing intermittently due to zkclient connection establishment delay (Rakesh R via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-286: Compilation warning (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-287: NoSuchElementException in LedgerCacheImpl (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-288: NOTICE files don't have the correct year (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-327: System.currentTimeMillis usage in BookKeeper (uma via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-217: NPE in hedwig client when enable DEBUG (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-140: Hub server doesn't subscribe remote region correctly when a region is down. (Sijie Gou via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-133: Hub server should update subscription state to zookeeper when losing topic or shutting down (Sijie Gou via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-74: Bookkeeper Persistence Manager should give up topic on error (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-163: Prevent incorrect NoSuchLedgerException for readLastConfirmed. (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-197: HedwigConsole uses the same file to load bookkeeper client config and hub server config (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-56: Race condition of message handler in connection recovery in Hedwig client (sijie & Gavin Li via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-215: Deadlock occurs under high load (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-245: Intermittent failures in PersistanceManager tests (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-209: Typo in ServerConfiguration for READAHEAD_ENABLED (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-146: TestConcurrentTopicAcquisition sometimes hangs (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-285: TestZkSubscriptionManager quits due to NPE, so other tests are not run in hedwig server. (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-207: BenchBookie doesn't run correctly (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-228: Fix the bugs in BK benchmark (umamaheswararao via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-265: Review JMX documentation (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-95: extends zookeeper JMX to monitor and manage bookie server (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-98: collect add/read statistics on bookie server (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-157: For small packets, increasing number of bookies actually degrades performance. (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-165: Add versioning support for journal files (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-137: Do not create Ledger index files until absolutely necessary. (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-172: Upgrade framework for filesystem layouts (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-178: Delay ledger directory creation until the ledger index file was created (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-160: bookie server needs to do compaction over entry log files to reclaim disk space (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-187: Create well defined interface for LedgerCache (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-175: Bookie code is very coupled (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-188: Garbage collection code is in the wrong place (ivank via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-218: Provide journal manager to manage journal related operations (sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-173: Uncontrolled number of threads in bookkeeper (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-241: Add documentation for bookie entry log compaction (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-263: ZK ledgers root path is hard coded (Aniruddha via sijie)
BOOKKEEPER-260: Define constant for -1 (invalid entry id) (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-270: Review documentation on bookie cookie (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-77: Add a console client for hedwig (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-168: Message bounding on subscriptions (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-96: extends zookeeper JMX to monitor and manage hedwig server (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-97: collect pub/sub/consume statistics on hub server (sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-269: Review documentation for hedwig console client (sijie via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-271: Review documentation for message bounding (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-158: Move latest benchmarking code into trunk (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-236: Benchmarking improvements from latest round of benchmarking (ivank via fpj)
Release 4.0.0 - 2011-11-30
Non-backward compatible changes:
BOOKKEEPER-89: Bookkeeper API changes for initial Bookkeeper release (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-108: add configuration support for BK (Sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-90: Hedwig API changes for initial Bookkeeper release (ivank via fpj)
Backward compatible changes:
BOOKKEEPER-124: build has RAT failures (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-121: Review Hedwig client documentation (breed via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-127: Make poms use official zookeeper 3.4.0 (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-120: Review BookKeeper client documentation (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-122: Review BookKeeper server documentation (fpj & ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-66: use IPv4 for builds (mmorel via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-132: Sign artifacts before deploying to maven (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-131: Fix zookeeper test dependency (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-134: Delete superfluous lib directories (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-138: NOTICE.txt is invalid (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-139: Binary packages do not carry NOTICE.txt (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-1: Static variable makes tests fail (fpj via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-19: BookKeeper doesn't support more than 2Gig of memory (ivan via fpj)
BOOKEEPER-22: Exception in LedgerCache causes addEntry request to fail (fpj via fpj)
BOOKEEPER-5: Issue with Netty in BookKeeper (fpj and ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-30: Test are too noisy (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-11: Read from open ledger (fpj via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-27: mvn site failed with unresolved dependencies (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-29: BookieRecoveryTest fails intermittently (fpj via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-33: Add length and offset parameter to addEntry (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-29: BookieRecoveryTest fails intermittently (ivank, fpj via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-38: Bookie Server doesn't exit when its zookeeper session is expired. So the process is hang there. (Sijie Guo via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-58: Changes introduced in BK-38 cause BookieClientTest to hang indefinitely. (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-18: maven build is unstable (mmorel, ivank via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-57: NullPointException at bookie.zk@EntryLogger (xulei via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-59: Race condition in netty code allocates and orphans resources (BK-5 revisited) (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-68: Conditional setData (fpj via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-86: bookkeeper-benchmark fails to compile after BOOKKEEPER-68 (ivank via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-61: BufferedChannel read endless when the remaining bytes of file is less than the capacity of read buffer (Sijie Guo via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-84: Add versioning for ZK metadata (ivank via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-92: using wrong context object in readLastConfirmedComplete callback (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-94: Double callbacks in readLastConfirmedOp which fails readLastConfirmed operation even received enough valid responses. (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-83: Added versioning and flags to the bookie protocol (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-93: bookkeeper doesn't work correctly on OpenLedgerNoRecovery (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-103: ledgerId and entryId is parsed wrong when addEntry (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-50: NullPointException at LedgerDescriptor#cmpMasterKey (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-82: support journal rolling (Sijie Guo via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-106: recoveryBookieData can select a recovery bookie which is already in the ledgers ensemble (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-101: Add Fencing to Bookkeeper (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-104: Add versioning between bookie and its filesystem layout (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-81: disk space of garbage collected entry logger files isn't reclaimed util process quit (Sijie Guo via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-91: Bookkeeper and hedwig clients should not use log4j directly (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-115: LocalBookKeeper fails after BOOKKEEPER-108 (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-114: add a shutdown hook to shut down bookie server safely. (Sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-39: Bookie server failed to restart because of too many ledgers (more than ~50,000 ledgers) (Sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-125: log4j still used in some places (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-62: Bookie can not start when encountering corrupted records (breed via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-111: Document bookie recovery feature (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-129: ZK_TIMEOUT typo in client/server configuration (Sijie via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-22: Exception in LedgerCache causes addEntry request to fail (fpj via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-5: Issue with Netty in BookKeeper (fpj and ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-43: NullPointException when releasing topic (Sijie Guo via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-51: NullPointException at FIFODeliveryManager#deliveryPtrs (xulei via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-63: Hedwig PubSubServer must wait for its Zookeeper client to be connected upon startup (mmorel via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-100: Some hedwig tests have build errors (dferro via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-69: ServerRedirectLoopException when a machine (hosts bookie server & hub server) reboot, which is caused by race condition of topic manager (Sijie, ivank via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-52: Message sequence confuse due to the subscribeMsgQueue@SubscribeResponseHandler (xulei via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-88: derby doesn't like - in the topic names (breed via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-71: hedwig c++ client does not build . (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-107: memory leak in HostAddress of hedwig c++ client (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-80: subscription msg queue race condition in hedwig c++ client (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-87: TestHedwigHub exhausts direct buffer memory with netty 3.2.4.Final (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-79: randomly startDelivery/stopDelivery will core dump in c++ hedwig client (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-118: Hedwig client doesn't kill and remove old subscription channel after redirection. (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-117: Support multi threads in hedwig cpp client to leverage multi-core hardware (Sijie Guo via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-53: race condition of outstandingMsgSet@SubscribeResponseHandler (fpj via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-28: Create useful startup scripts for bookkeeper and hedwig (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-26: Indentation is all messed up in the BookKeeper code (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-41: Generation of packages for distribution (ivank via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-65: fix dependencies on incompatible versions of netty (mmorel via ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-102: Make bookkeeper use ZK from temporary repo (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-128: pom and script modifications required for generating release packages (ivank)
BOOKKEEPER-44: Reuse publish channel to default server to avoid too many connect requests to default server when lots of producers came in same time (Sijie Guo via breed)
BOOKKEEPER-109: Add documentation to describe how bookies flushes data (Sijie Guo via fpj)
BOOKKEEPER-119: Keys in configuration have inconsistent style (ivank via fpj)