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Build instructions for BookKeeper
* Unix System
* JDK 1.6
* Maven 3.0
* Autotools (if compiling native hedwig client)
* Internet connection for first build (to fetch all dependencies)
The BookKeeper project contains:
- bookkeeper-server (BookKeeper server and client)
- bookkeeper-benchmark (Benchmark suite for testing BookKeeper performance)
- hedwig-protocol (Hedwig network protocol)
- hedwig-client (Hedwig client library)
- hedwig-server (Hedwig server)
BookKeeper is a system to reliably log streams of records. It is designed to
store write ahead logs, such as those found in database or database like
Hedwig is a publish-subscribe system designed to carry large amounts of data
across the internet in a guaranteed-delivery fashion from those who produce
it (publishers) to those who are interested in it (subscribers).
How do I build?
BookKeeper uses maven as its build system. To build, run "mvn package" from the
top-level directory, or from within any of the submodules.
Useful maven commands are:
* Clean : mvn clean
* Compile : mvn compile
* Run tests : mvn test
* Create JAR : mvn package
* Run findbugs : mvn compile findbugs:findbugs
* Install JAR in M2 cache : mvn install
* Deploy JAR to Maven repo : mvn deploy
* Run Rat : mvn apache-rat:check
* Build javadocs : mvn compile javadoc:aggregate
* Build distribution : mvn package assembly:single
Tests options:
* Use -DskipTests to skip tests when running the following Maven goals:
'package', 'install', 'deploy' or 'verify'
* -Dtest.exclude=<TESTCLASSNAME>
* -Dtest.exclude.pattern=**/<TESTCLASSNAME1>.java,**/<TESTCLASSNAME2>.java
How do I run the services?
Running a Hedwig service requires a running BookKeeper service, which in turn
requires a running ZooKeeper service (see To
start a bookkeeper service quickly for testing, run:
$ bookkeeper-server/bin/bookkeeper localbookie 10
This will start a standalone, ZooKeeper instance and 10 BookKeeper bookies.
Note that this is only useful for testing. Data is not persisted between runs.
To start a real BookKeeper service, you must set up a ZooKeeper instance and
run start a bookie on several machines. Modify bookkeeper-server/conf/bk_server.conf
to point to your ZooKeeper instance. To start a bookie run:
$ bookkeeper-server/bin/bookkeeper bookie
Once you have at least 3 bookies runnings, you can start some Hedwig hubs. A
hub is a machines which is responsible for a set of topics in the pubsub
system. The service automatically distributes the topics among the hubs.
To start a hedwig hub:
$ hedwig-server/bin/hedwig server
You can get more help on using these commands by running:
$ bookkeeper-server/bin/bookkeeper help
$ hedwig-server/bin/hedwig help