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* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
* to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
* License); you may not use this file except in compliance
* with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an AS IS BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
plugins {
id 'base'
// Enable publishing build scans
id '' version '2.3' apply false
// This plugin provides a task to determine which dependencies have updates.
// Additionally, the plugin checks for updates to Gradle itself.
// See for further details.
id 'com.github.ben-manes.versions' version '0.20.0'
// Apply one top level rat plugin to perform any required license enforcement analysis
id 'org.nosphere.apache.rat' version '0.4.0'
// Enable gradle-based release management
id 'net.researchgate.release' version '2.6.0'
id 'org.apache.beam.module'
id "org.sonarqube" version "2.7"
// Configure the root project
// Plugins which require online access should not be enabled when running in offline mode.
if (!gradle.startParameter.isOffline()) {
apply plugin: ""
// JENKINS_HOME and BUILD_ID set automatically during Jenkins execution
def isCIBuild = ['JENKINS_HOME', 'BUILD_ID'].every System.&getenv
if (isCIBuild) {
buildScan {
// Build Scan enabled and TOS accepted for Jenkins lab build. This does not apply to builds on
// non-Jenkins machines. Developers need to separately enable and accept TOS to use build scans.
termsOfServiceUrl = ''
termsOfServiceAgree = 'yes'
rat {
// Set input directory to that of the root project instead of the CWD. This
// makes .gitignore rules (added below) work properly.
inputDir = project.rootDir
def exclusions = [
// Ignore files we track but do not distribute
// Default eclipse excludes neglect subprojects
// Proto/grpc generated wrappers
// Ignore Go test data files
// VCF test files
// JDBC package config files
// Ruby build files
// Ignore ownership files
// FIXME add license header
// Json doesn't support comments.
// Katas files
// Mockito extensions
// Add .gitignore excludes to the Apache Rat exclusion list. We re-create the behavior
// of the Apache Maven Rat plugin since the Apache Ant Rat plugin doesn't do this
// automatically.
def gitIgnore = project(':').file('.gitignore')
if (gitIgnore.exists()) {
def gitIgnoreExcludes = gitIgnore.readLines().findAll { !it.isEmpty() && !it.startsWith('#') }
failOnError = true
excludes = exclusions
check.dependsOn rat
// Define root pre/post commit tasks simplifying what is needed
// to be specified on the commandline when executing locally.
// This indirection also makes Jenkins use the branch of the PR
// for the test definitions.
task javaPreCommit() {
// We need to list the model/* builds since sdks/java/core doesn't
// depend on any of the model.
dependsOn ":model:pipeline:build"
dependsOn ":model:job-management:build"
dependsOn ":model:fn-execution:build"
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:worker:legacy-worker:build"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:core:buildNeeded"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:core:buildDependents"
dependsOn ":examples:java:preCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:sql:jdbc:preCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:javadoc:allJavadoc"
dependsOn ":runners:direct-java:needsRunnerTests"
task javaPreCommitBeamZetaSQL() {
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:sql:zetasql:test"
task javaPreCommitPortabilityApi() {
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:worker:build"
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:examples:verifyPortabilityApi"
task javaPostCommit() {
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:postCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:google-cloud-platform-core:postCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:zetasketch:postCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:io:google-cloud-platform:postCommit"
task sqlPostCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:sql:postCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:sql:jdbc:postCommit"
dependsOn ":sdks:java:extensions:sql:datacatalog:postCommit"
task javaPostCommitPortabilityApi () {
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:postCommitPortabilityApi"
task goPreCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:go:goTest"
dependsOn ":sdks:go:examples:goBuild"
dependsOn ":sdks:go:test:goBuild"
// Ensure all container Go boot code builds as well.
dependsOn ":sdks:java:container:goBuild"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:container:goBuild"
dependsOn ":sdks:go:container:goBuild"
task goPostCommit() {
dependsOn ":goIntegrationTests"
task goIntegrationTests() {
doLast {
exec {
executable 'sh'
args '-c', './sdks/go/test/'
dependsOn ":sdks:go:test:build"
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:worker:shadowJar"
task pythonPreCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:tox:py2:preCommitPy2"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:tox:py35:preCommitPy35"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:tox:py36:preCommitPy36"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:tox:py37:preCommitPy37"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:dataflow:py2:preCommitIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:dataflow:py37:preCommitIT"
// We don't include Py35, Py36 precommit ITs to reduce quota footprint.
// We can reconsider if we ever see an issue that these suites would
// have caught. Note that the same tests will still run in postcommit.
task pythonLintPreCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:tox:py2:lint"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:tox:py35:lint"
task python2PostCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:portable:py2:crossLanguageTests"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:dataflow:py2:postCommitIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py2:directRunnerIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py2:hdfsIntegrationTest"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py2:mongodbioIT"
task python35PostCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:dataflow:py35:postCommitIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py35:postCommitIT"
task python36PostCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:dataflow:py36:postCommitIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py36:postCommitIT"
task python37PostCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:dataflow:py37:postCommitIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py37:postCommitIT"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:direct:py37:hdfsIntegrationTest"
task portablePythonPreCommit() {
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:portable:py2:preCommitPy2"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:portable:py35:preCommitPy35"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:portable:py36:preCommitPy36"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:test-suites:portable:py37:preCommitPy37"
task websitePreCommit() {
dependsOn ":website:preCommit"
task communityMetricsPreCommit() {
dependsOn ":beam-test-infra-metrics:preCommit"
task communityMetricsProber() {
dependsOn ":beam-test-infra-metrics:checkProber"
task javaExamplesDataflowPrecommit() {
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:examples:preCommit"
dependsOn ":runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java:examples-streaming:preCommit"
task runBeamDependencyCheck() {
dependsOn ":dependencyUpdates"
dependsOn ":sdks:python:dependencyUpdates"
// Configure the release plugin to do only local work; the release manager determines what, if
// anything, to push. On failure, the release manager can reset the branch without pushing.
release {
revertOnFail = false
tagTemplate = 'v${version}'
git {
requireBranch = 'release-.*|master'
pushToRemote = ''