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<title>Welcome to Apache Axis2 version @axisVersion@</title>
<body lang="en">
<h1>Welcome to Apache Axis2 version @axisVersion@</h1>
<pre>Just over 8 months since the 1.3 release, we are very proud to
announce the release of Apache Axis2 version @axisVersion@.
Downloads are available at:
Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used
Apache Axis engine and is a more efficient, more scalable, more modular
and more XML-oriented Web services framework. It is carefully designed to
support the easy addition of plug-in "modules" that extend its
functionality for features such as security and reliability.
Modules supporting WS-Security/Secure-Conversation (Apache Rampart),
WS-Trust (Apache Rahas), WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha) and
WS-Eventing (Apache Savan) will be available soon after the Apache Axis2
@axisVersion@ release. Please see these projects' own sites for further information.
Major Changes Since 1.3:
- Support for JAXWS and JSR 181 Annotations
- Experimental Corba Support
- Fixed tons of small and not-so-small bugs (See list below)
Known Issues and Limitations in @axisVersion@ Release:
- Please see JIRA
We are striving for a simple and happy first time user experience as well as a
satisfying experienced user experience with this release. We welcome any
and all feedback at: (please include "[axis2]" in the subject) (please include "[axis2]" in the subject)
Thank you for your interest in Apache Axis2!
The Axis2 Development Team
Features of Apache Axis2:
Programming Model
- Simple XML-centric client API with full WSDL and policy support
- Support for POJO and Spring services and clients
- Support for any message exchange pattern (MEP)
- Synchronous and asynchronous programming model
- Archived service deployment model supporting full service
encapsulation with versioning support
- Archived module deployment model supporting controlled
extensibility with versioning support
- Hot deployment
- WS-Policy driven code generation extensions
- Flexible service life cycle model
- Automatic support for POX (REST) style invocation of services
- Support for querying service's WSDL (with ?wsdl), schema (with
?xsd) and policies (with ?policy)
Supported Specifications
- SOAP 1.1 and 1.2
- Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
- XML Optimized Packaging (XOP)
- SOAP with Attachments
- WSDL 1.1, including both SOAP and HTTP bindings
- WS-Addressing submission and 1.0
- WS-Policy
- SAAJ 1.1
Supported Data Bindings
- Axis Data Binding (ADB)
- XMLBeans
- JibX
- JaxBRI (Experimental)
- WSDL2Java: Generate Java stubs and skeletons from a WSDL document.
- Java2WSDL: Generate a WSDL document from a Java class.
- Eclipse Plugins
- IntelliJ Idea Plugins
- Maven2 Plugins
- Web application for administering Apache Axis2
Bugs marked as Resolved/Fixed after 1.3 Release:
AXIS2-3757 Miss behaviour in adding handlers to the phase when the handler has after attribute
AXIS2-3758 REST GET invocations fail with httpLocations of the form foo/{name} when more than one parameter is present
AXIS2-3759 JAXWS: Out Of Memory Issues With JAXBContext
AXIS2-3760 legal/backport-util-concurrent-LICENSE.txt is out of date
AXIS2-3761 Generated ?wsdl2 docs are invalid when a service has more than 1 transport enabled
AXIS2-3762 Generated ?wsdl2 docs do not contain httpLocation for HttpBinding hence codegen for httpBinding will not work
AXIS2-3763 Invalid soap fault
AXIS2-3764 Attribute containing all upper case characters not included in response
AXIS2-3765 [REST support] when using POST with x-www-form-urlencoded data aren't decode from url encoded
AXIS2-3766 File setLastModified() in deployment code causes problems
AXIS2-3767 Store UnmarshalInfo instances on AxisOperation instead of AxisService
AXIS2-3768 org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection reset - connections are not closing for long time
AXIS2-3769 Use actaul message to determine the outbound wsa action
AXIS2-3770 Wrong JAX-WS handler-chain execution
AXIS2-3771 Rampart has dependancies to classes which was in mex-impl
AXIS2-3772 JAXWS: CID for SWA Attachments does not comply with the WS-I Specification Syntax
AXIS2-3773 Support for @MTOM Threshold.
AXIS2-3774 ?wsdl2 does not show engaged security policies
AXIS2-3775 ?wsdl2 shows endpoints for transports that are dissabled
AXIS2-3776 Context class loader not restored correctly
AXIS2-3777 Handling of exceptions raised by handlers in one-way invocations
AXIS2-3778 Problems loading RequestWrapper/ResponseWrapper etc when JAXWS Service is deployed as a jar under servicejars
AXIS2-3779 JAX-WS: JAXBUtils should not load classes from nested packages
AXIS2-3780 Array of strings (or other simple types) are serialized as xsd:list
AXIS2-3781 Shell scripts do not tolerate AXIS2_HOME and JAVA_HOME with spaces in paths
AXIS2-3782 All outbound handlers are invoked when an inbound handler throws exception or returns false
AXIS2-3783 CLONE -Classpath/Classloader issue with packaging
AXIS2-3784 Log.debug statement causes NullPointerException
AXIS2-3785 Can't use SSL with scope="transportsession"
AXIS2-3786 Invalid SOAPMessage caching in SoapMessageContext
AXIS2-3787 MessageContext.REFERENCE_PARAMETERS property not visible in handlers
AXIS2-3788 WSDL2Java fails for WSDL that work for Axis2 1.3
AXIS2-3789 Adding codegen jar to axis2.war and adding mtompolicy jar to distribution
AXIS2-3790 WSDL2Java throws a StackOverflowError
AXIS2-3791 If available prefer sending [Subsubcode] as the fault code instead of [Subcode] for SOAP 1.1 faults
AXIS2-3792 axis2-mtompolicy-1.4.jar is missing in the bin dist
AXIS2-3793 Input/output wsa actions are not always set
AXIS2-3794 fixes for backward compatibility
AXIS2-3795 Improve handler-chains.xml parsing
AXIS2-3796 SOAP Action is not set by service Client when its invoked via a WSDL
AXIS2-3797 JAXWS: Support Binding Property to Access SOAPHeaders
AXIS2-3798 httpcore-niossl-LICENSE.txt is no longer needed - should be deleted
AXIS2-3799 Methods with multiple faults and wsa actions are not handled correctly
AXIS2-3800 Backward compatibility, Minor fixes for 1.4 release
AXIS2-3801 Add option to enable a wsa:MessageId in repsonse message
AXIS2-3802 WSDL2Java tool fails with NullPointerException
AXIS2-3803 Thread safety in XMLFaultCode
AXIS2-3804 JAXWS: Need to preserve "custom fault codes" for SOAP 1.1
AXIS2-3805 WSDL2java does not work correctly if no network or behind Firewall
AXIS2-3806 The AddressingInHandler needs to take account of the WS_ADDRESSING_VERSION parameter
AXIS2-3807 JAXWS: @MTOM annotation not respected in some circumstances
AXIS2-3808 Should preclude new dispatch instances where type is SOAP and mode is payload
AXIS2-3809 Support for @XmlSeeAlso
AXIS2-3810 Update signature of WsdlGenerator method
AXIS2-3811 AddressingOutHandler uses OMElement instead of SOAPHeaderBlock when processing reference parameters
AXIS2-3812 Wsdl2 code generation falis
AXIS2-3813 Attachments larger than Integer.MAX_VALUE (appr 2.1GB) fails
AXIS2-3814 org.apache.axis2.transport.jms.JMSListener.stop() doesn't shutdown the thread pool created in start() for JMSMessageReceiver
AXIS2-3815 Unable to switch addressing mar on in jaxws-integration tests
AXIS2-3816 AddressingOutHandler may omit wsa:To on 2004/08 despite it being mandatory
AXIS2-3817 NPE in MessageContextBuilder.createFaultEnvelope and SOAP12Constants.SOAP_FAULT_NODE_LOCAL_NAME property set in message context
AXIS2-3818 Need to ensure we are generating wsdl only for SOAP 11 based bindings
AXIS2-3819 Support WS-A action generation from pure annotations
AXIS2-3820 Enable AxisFault to display correct 'caused by' exception
AXIS2-3821 InvocationResponse.equals throws NPE
AXIS2-3822 Implicit SEIs cause too many methods to be published
AXIS2-3823 Suggested fixes for 1.4 RC3
AXIS2-3824 AxisBindings are created for each and every transport on services deployed
AXIS2-3825 MTOM does not work if the file length is zero
AXIS2-3826 ADB code generation fails when <element> is a reference to included schema
AXIS2-3827 xmlSchema optional attributes are not handled properly
AXIS2-3828 Included schema filenames impact wsdl2java with xmlbeans binding
AXIS2-3829 Validation failure on using sun JDK in ParallelAsyncTests
AXIS2-3830 java_first_jaxws sample does not run per README instructions
AXIS2-3831 JAXWS Sample - Asynchronous Echo with Async Communication doesn't work
AXIS2-3832 @WebMethod(exclude=true) is not being honored
AXIS2-3833 New service deployment change has broken ?wsdl2
AXIS2-3834 JAXWS: NLS Correction for 1.4 RC3
AXIS2-3835 jaxws-calculator sample does not run per the README.txt
AXIS2-3836 JAXWS Addressing Calculator does not work.
AXIS2-3837 Running JAXWS proxy tests with WSDL fails
AXIS2-3838 Problem building documentaiton Module v1.3 rc2
AXIS2-3839 The generated WSDL2 (?wsdl2) does not have soap11, http bindings if the wsdl is included in service archive
AXIS2-3840 multipart/form-data problem at the RESTFul Service
AXIS2-3841 Encoded ampersands in REST URLs terminate parameters
AXIS2-3842 JAXWS: Not correctly detecting version mismatch
AXIS2-3843 maven java2wsdl and wsdl2code plugins do not work
AXIS2-3844 JAXWS: The scenario where a single SWA attachment is sent and returned (no body elements) is not working
AXIS2-3845 attribute parameter not being properly set
AXIS2-3846 GenericProviderDispatcher in default war's axis2.xml
AXIS2-3847 Unable to find handlerChain's configuration file from the classpath
AXIS2-3848 Support for JAX-WS 2.1
AXIS2-3849 Need a scrub for J2S doPriv
AXIS2-3850 Axis2-1.4-RC1: Advanced-rmi sample client fails
AXIS2-3851 JAX-WS 2.1: Support @RespectBinding and RespectBindingFeature
AXIS2-3852 Worng Content-Type HTTP header when sending MTOM (incompatible with JBossWS)
AXIS2-3853 .NET C# using WSE 3.0 does not interop with Axis2.0 Version 1.3
AXIS2-3854 MTOM not enabled for dynamic ports
AXIS2-3855 Support role/actor based mustUnderstand header processing
AXIS2-3856 MTOM has problems when I create an attachtment from a byte array of zero elements
AXIS2-3857 Attachment delete to use LifecycleManager functionality.
AXIS2-3858 WSDLDefinitionWrapper is not being constructed with the proper Configuration information
AXIS2-3859 NullPointerException during codegen when using JaxB RI databinding
AXIS2-3860 memory leaks related to unmarshaller pooling
AXIS2-3861 JAXBCustomBuilder should avoid encrypted data
AXIS2-3862 Wrong SOAP MustUnderstand Handling when using JAX-WS Handler
AXIS2-3863 RequestBlockingHandler.invoke uses equals to compare a String and a QName
AXIS2-3864 ObjectInputStreamWithCL.resolver should not be static because it's updated by instance methods
AXIS2-3865 Improvements in SafeObjectOutputStream
AXIS2-3866 SessionContext does not initializes the transent maps into readExternal
AXIS2-3867 [Break] MtomSampleTests - The org.apache.axis2.jaxws.sample.MtomSampleTests suite is failing
AXIS2-3868 NPE in HttpCoreNIOSender
AXIS2-3869 The MessageId generator creates duplicates
AXIS2-3870 related to persising sessions in tomcat
AXIS2-3871 Axis2 on Jetty & Tomcat bug: work dir is deleted on jetty shut down
AXIS2-3872 NPE throws when invoking jax-ws calculator sample service
AXIS2-3873 [Break] ParallelAsyncTests
AXIS2-3874 When WSDL exists, set wsdl properties for provider
AXIS2-3875 [Break] NonWrapTests break - dispatchable OperationDescription list is incorrect
AXIS2-3876 Addressing setup in JAXWSDeployer fails
AXIS2-3877 Example maven2 configuration is broken.
AXIS2-3878 axis2.bat, axis2server.bat and wsdl2java.bat scripts do not work if axis2 directory path is too long
AXIS2-3879 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError while running java2wsdl or wsdl2java
AXIS2-3880 ParameterIncludeImpl needs AccessControl check
AXIS2-3881 java.lang.IllegalStateException on org.apache.axis2.transport.TransportUtils.deleteAttachments.
AXIS2-3882 Upgrade simple http and nhttp transports to HttpComponents Core 4.0-beta1
AXIS2-3883 [Break] SimpleTypeDateTimePopulateTest break - on JDK 1.4
AXIS2-3884 Add support for @Action and @FaultAction
AXIS2-3885 JAX-WS 2.1: Add support for AddressingFeature and SubmissionAddressingFeature
AXIS2-3886 Enhance the JAXWSDeployer to configure the JAX-WS runtime to be able to create endpoint references.
AXIS2-3887 problem in axis2 version service + internal server error prevents access to services/admin pages
AXIS2-3888 Adding equals and hashCode to ServiceClient
AXIS2-3889 SwaTest.wsdl not found when building binary from source distribution
AXIS2-3890 Remove one of MEX maven module
AXIS2-3891 New MustUnderstand code results in JAXWS Integration test failure
AXIS2-3892 Error extracting fault from SOAP envelope when body is encrypted
AXIS2-3893 Undeploy fails to persist sessions on Tomcat 5.5 and 6
AXIS2-3894 Fix for the inner classes issue (attached)
AXIS2-3895 StringListTests doesn't work
AXIS2-3896 sources unavailable in the maven repository.
AXIS2-3897 Axis2 online documentation references invalid services.xsd
AXIS2-3898 MEX module does not contain implementation class files after build
AXIS2-3899 Change scope of Maven dependencies in axis-spring to 'provided'
AXIS2-3900 Axis doesn't use params from axis2.xml
AXIS2-3901 Unable to engage addressing at client side, want to know the specific location of addressing.mar in the project
AXIS2-3902 Endpoint Extension handling bug in WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder
AXIS2-3903 in util package of kernel can not find the class in extremely environment
AXIS2-3904 Axis error when using the endpoint address with japanese characters
AXIS2-3905 Can't avoid timeout
AXIS2-3906 org.apache.axis2.description.AxisService#setLastupdate() is a typo.
AXIS2-3907 Axis2 incomplete cached files should be deleted BUT they aren't; how can I delete them
AXIS2-3908 NPE in LocalTransportReceiver.processMessage()
AXIS2-3909 wsdl2java for JAXB binding generates uncompilable code
AXIS2-3910 NullPointerException in
AXIS2-3911 support logging full stack traces in log
AXIS2-3912 Deploy goal for Axis2 Web Admin Console for axis2-aar-maven-plugin
AXIS2-3913 org.apache.axis2.client.Stub addHeader ignores custom header attributes
AXIS2-3914 LocalTransportSender can be used on multithread.
AXIS2-3915 Axis2 SAAJ implementation included in Geronimo 2.0.1 - class cast bug when unmarshalling
AXIS2-3916 MTOM doesnt work over JMS
AXIS2-3917 Axis2's build.xml file for Axis2.war excludes the axis2-codegen-1.3.jar file needed by Rampart 1.3
AXIS2-3918 WebServiceContextAnnot should be deleted
AXIS2-3919 AbstractMessageReceiver defines custom class loader without using doPrivileged
AXIS2-3920 MailAddress defines equals() but not hashCode()
AXIS2-3921 Bug 3230 Reopen. Axis2 deployment fails when deploying spring proxy-d classes as services
AXIS2-3922 Handler is not being invoked
AXIS2-3923 'org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-antrun-plugin' does not exist or no valid version could be found
AXIS2-3924 JAX-WS dependence on ADB
AXIS2-3925 Move JaxMe databinding code into separate module
AXIS2-3926 Unnecessary warning when deploying a service with a custom message receiver
AXIS2-3927 [7/12/07 9:09:32:923 CEST] 82d122f SRTServletRes W WARNING: Cannot set header. Response already committed. is logged when ever a Axis2 based webservice is called
AXIS2-3928 WebService deployment failed due to config.getServletContext().getRealPath("") returns null in NES6.2
AXIS2-3929 ServiceDescriptionImpl always creates URL for WSDL
AXIS2-3930 NullPointerException in RPCMessageReceiver.invokeBusinessLogic(
AXIS2-3931 SecurityException thrown in util.LoggingControl, when run from an applet
AXIS2-3932 Validate fails if nonProxyHosts contains wildcard
AXIS2-3933 AxisClient creates large number of temporary files that never gets deleted in an appserver environment as long as the server is running
AXIS2-3934 Axis client fails if http.nonProxyHosts contains * as wildcard
AXIS2-3935 mvn package failes due to missing dependencies (fix included)
AXIS2-3936 Non Blocking Dual Channel fails if MsgContext already had an replyTo Epr set to anonymous
AXIS2-3937 Axis2 server responds with Http 200 instead of 202 for the request of a dual channel invocation
AXIS2-3938 axis2-java2wsdl-maven-plugin axis2-java2wsdl-maven-plugin
AXIS2-3939 Java2WSDL creates WSDLs that fail Eclipse validation
AXIS2-3940 getSchematargetNamespace and setSchematargetNamespacePrefix are typos
AXIS2-3941 Axis2Server.bat fails to start
AXIS2-3942 There is no reason for HTTPSListener to be inner class
AXIS2-3943 NullpointerException in AbstractHTTPHeader
AXIS2-3944 Fix commented out tests
AXIS2-3945 Codegeneration creates faulty Stub with JAXBRI when a SOAP Header is defined in the WSDL
AXIS2-3946 Axis2 fails to parse "Multipart/Related"-Messages from SAAJ-Webservice
AXIS2-3947 Fix JAXWS MTOMSample Test
AXIS2-3948 WSDL2CODE maven plugin not generating ports
AXIS2-3949 JAXWS classloading issues with annotated class with aar based deployment
AXIS2-3950 version service not started and exception at console
AXIS2-3951 incorrect definition of property maven.repo.local in modules/integration/pom.xml
AXIS2-3952 java2wsdl maven 2 plugin user guide incorrect
AXIS2-3953 Axis2 maven plugin does not allow to generate sources for remote WSDL file
AXIS2-3954 Proper usage of binding hierarchy
AXIS2-3955 getter for configuration on CodeGenerationEngine to access generated info
AXIS2-3956 NullpointerException in org.apache.axis2.deployment.util.Utils.loadHandler method
AXIS2-3957 Incorrect reference to start.bat in java2wsdl and wsdl2java scripts (bat/sh)
AXIS2-3958 surefire is still run even if maven.test.skip is true
AXIS2-3959 java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException in org.apache.axis2.transport.http.ProxyConfiguration
AXIS2-3960 Allow pluggable Exception handling in JAX-WS server flow
AXIS2-3961 SOAPMonitorApplet/SOAPMonitorService broken
AXIS2-3962 XMLDispatch.createMessageFromValue fails to copy mime headers
AXIS2-3963 Intermittent failure in testEcho(org.apache.axis2.jaxws.sample.DocLitBareMinTests)
AXIS2-3964 SoapMessageProviderTests.testProviderSourceXMLOnly broken
AXIS2-3965 TransportUtils NullPointerException When Logger Category is DEBUG
AXIS2-3966 Provide enabling support in JAXWS for SOAP/JMS
AXIS2-3967 Provide visibility of dynamic ports only to client that created them
AXIS2-3968 Need a JAXWS specific Deployer
AXIS2-3969 Improve structure of JAXWS end-to-end tetss
AXIS2-3970 Plug JAX-WS / MDQ deployment into Axis2 deployment model
AXIS2-3971 Refactor the ThreadContextMigratorUtil class to use parameters instead of properties.
AXIS2-3972 not populated correctly
AXIS2-3973 Ability to plugin a new Axiom LifecycleManager via axis2.xml
AXIS2-3974 LogicalMessageContextTests.testGetPayloadAsJAXB fails
AXIS2-3975 JAXB CustomBuilder support in JAXWS layer.
AXIS2-3976 JAXWS Endpoint API does not work in 1.3 RC2
AXIS2-3977 JAX-WS 2.1: Support @MTOM and MTOMFeature
AXIS2-3978 A patch for the CORBA module to support types declared insides interfaces.
AXIS2-3979 Common invocation using Axis2 client framework
AXIS2-3980 Maven build fails due to woden dependency problem
AXIS2-3981 InputStreamConfigurator
AXIS2-3982 WSDL2Java tool does not handle 'key' and 'keyref' constraints(in included/imported schemas) properly
AXIS2-3983 Please please please write javadoc!
AXIS2-3984 We need an api way to set the axis2.repository.path and the axis2.xml.path
AXIS2-3985 DispatchPhase does not consider MEPs defined in WSDL2Constants
AXIS2-3986 Error in Validation page when HTTPS is enabled
AXIS2-3987 WarBasedAxisConfigurator incorrect config file loading routine (patch included)
AXIS2-3988 messageContext.setDoingMTOM doesn't work
AXIS2-3989 FAQ descripton of 'frequently used maven commands' is out of date.
AXIS2-3990 Codegen and runtime changes for supporting "full" WSDL 2.0 HTTP binding
AXIS2-3991 MTOM should support xmlbeans
AXIS2-3992 Dependency resolution mess with axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin
AXIS2-3993 ServiceContext.activate() never executes a path because of null value
AXIS2-3994 Redundant checks into WarBasedAxisConfigurator
AXIS2-3995 Redundant check in XMPPSender
AXIS2-3996 Potential NPE in XMPPPacketListener
AXIS2-3997 Possible NPE in XMLUtils
AXIS2-3998 ServiceContext.activate never executes the else block
AXIS2-3999 Various bugs in deployment.Utils
AXIS2-4000 EchoBlockingClient on axis 1.x to 2.x migration page is missing line to set options into client
AXIS2-4001 Log errors returned to client as Error, not Debug messages
AXIS2-4002 Misspelling of HTTP constant definition?
AXIS2-4003 Exception message in ListenerManager.start() is empty
AXIS2-4004 Typo in the default axis2.xml for commented out parameter "requestMaxThreadPoolSize"
AXIS2-4005 misspelling of "javascript" in line 39 in adminheader.jsp
AXIS2-4006 [JDK16] 2 tests fail in integration module
AXIS2-4007 SAAJ build fails under JDK1.6
AXIS2-4008 When deploying using JAXWSMessageReceiver, the dynamic wsdl (?wsdl) should reflect the annotations
AXIS2-4009 Interop issue: Utf16 Mtom failure with MS WCF
AXIS2-4010 NPE bug in ServerWorker.handlerException
AXIS2-4011 ConcurrentModificationException when concurrent threads try to engage the Addressing module
AXIS2-4012 org.apache.axis2.saaj.SOAPConnectionImpl(line # 181) Null checking is required
AXIS2-4013 problem accessing the parser. Parser already accessed! - Authenticated WS Client
AXIS2-4014 Introduce support in JAX-WS for OASIS XML Catalogs.
AXIS2-4015 NPE in AxisConfiguration
AXIS2-4016 Unable to send a result message to a host different from the caller (it was possible)
AXIS2-4017 custom handler is not executed
AXIS2-4018 Expose isMakeConnectionAnonymous on EPR
AXIS2-4019 Make the definition of custom "anonymous" URIs configurable
AXIS2-4020 wsdl2java exception with xmlbeans bindings - Imported schema has a target namespace that does not match the specified
AXIS2-4021 JAX-WS: @WebService name parameter should default to the name of the class
AXIS2-4022 JAX-WS: Performance Improvement to JAXB Unmarshalling
AXIS2-4023 pojo not working
AXIS2-4024 Error in generated WSDL - Import missing
AXIS2-4025 Premature Optimization of ReplyTo = Anon
AXIS2-4026 Out-Of-Memory error on server side - Use of wsdl4j WSDLDefinition
AXIS2-4027 axis2 deployment failure for web services proxied by Spring
AXIS2-4028 AxisService name not unique enough
AXIS2-4029 change JMS tests to not use port 61616 which is the default for Geronimo and ActiveMQ
AXIS2-4030 Problem with ConverterUtil date conversion
AXIS2-4031 specified MessageReceiver from services.xml is ignored
AXIS2-4032 Nullpointer exception when BuilderUtils can not resolve a Builder
AXIS2-4033 UnsupportedOperationException due to usage of Arrays.asList
AXIS2-4034 CORBA module for Axis2
AXIS2-4035 Improve Performance of RuntimeServiceDescription code
AXIS2-4036 Codegen with unwrapping argument fails
AXIS2-4037 December 20 nightly build -- jsp exception
AXIS2-4038 Writing JAXWS Clients - How to specify the axis2.xml and repository
AXIS2-4039 Provide new plugpoint in JAX-WS server-side code
AXIS2-4040 Axis2 generates incorrect schema imports in WSDL returned via ?wsdl
AXIS2-4041 Plugin in JAXWS RI's wsgen to generate the dynamic wsdl/xsd's
AXIS2-4042 Performance: Swap lookup order in AxisService.getOperationsBySOAPAction
AXIS2-4043 The ConfigurationContext in Axis2-Kernal causes ConcurrentModificationException in Session-Scope and thus is not multithreading-able
AXIS2-4044 Clean build of java/Axis2 from head failed in SOAP Monitor step
AXIS2-4045 Tolerate Java 6 JRE for JAX-WS applications
AXIS2-4046 Make it easy to set HTTP proxy
AXIS2-4047 Document JSR181 support
AXIS2-4048 WSDL2C:
AXIS2-4049 Incorrect Exception in WSDL11ToAxisServiceBuilder
AXIS2-4050 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected subelement value
AXIS2-4051 Merge inbound WS-Addressing handlers into a single handler
AXIS2-4052 No logging in POJODeployer at all
AXIS2-4053 Response invalidly delivered even ReplyTo is absent in Header
AXIS2-4054 Error in generated WSDL file - wsaw namespace
AXIS2-4055 No access to the operationContextMap in the ConfigurationContext class
AXIS2-4056 AbstractContext should lazily create the PropertyDifferences map
AXIS2-4057 Support JAX-WS and Metadata client-side sparse composite to override certain annotation members
AXIS2-4058 TransportUtils aggressively changing content type from text/xml to application/xml
AXIS2-4059 JAXB Unmarshaller cannot find the MTOM DataHandler
AXIS2-4060 NullPointerException in MetaData code
AXIS2-4061 NullPointerException in the Namespace->Package code used by JAXWS
AXIS2-4062 WS-Addressing EndpointReference elements not getting added in the outgoing soap message
AXIS2-4063 setting handler resolver on dispatch client does not call expected handlers
AXIS2-4064 Eliminate redundant lookup in MessageContext.getProperty(String)
AXIS2-4065 Modify BlockImpl to avoid double unmarshalling
AXIS2-4066 Incorrect check in org.apache.axis2.saaj.SOAPHeaderImpl#addHeaderElement
AXIS2-4067 Nested swaRef attachments not sent in message
AXIS2-4068 JAX-WS BasicAuth client config should allow no password
AXIS2-4069 Performance: Improve the FactoryRegistry code
AXIS2-4070 The modules/parent/pom.xml has an invalid dependency on org.apache.woden:woden-1.0.0M6.jar
AXIS2-4071 '-or (overwrite) option of WSDL2Code doesn't work for services.xml
AXIS2-4072 wrong codegen for anytype
AXIS2-4073 OMException with the message "localname can not be null or empty"
AXIS2-4074 Codegen bug with different namespaces (including proposed fix)
AXIS2-4075 Cannot generate code giving a remote HTTP URI, when the client is behind an HTTP proxy server
AXIS2-4076 choice of sequence of union causes infinite loop in generated ADB binding
AXIS2-4077 Axis2-aar-Maven2 plugin SNAPSHOT does not work, while a locally build one works
AXIS2-4078 Prefix error serializing ADB bean
AXIS2-4079 minimize response from RPCMessageReceiver
AXIS2-4080 Use wrapper types when elements are optional (i.e.: nillable="true" or minOccurs="0"/maxOccurs="1")
AXIS2-4081 Code generation fails if a wsdl has schema imports and that wsdl is included in a service archive with useOriginalWsdl = true
AXIS2-4082 XML dateTime strings are not converted correctly
AXIS2-4083 Using minOccurs="0" on element within sequence does not accept if element is empty...
AXIS2-4084 hot update - class not reloaded
AXIS2-4085 JAX-WS: JAXB Processing Improvement
AXIS2-4086 Invalid xs:date serialization (WSDL2Java generated code)
AXIS2-4087 Hotupdate seems to be broken in the latest snapshots
AXIS2-4088 XmlStreamParser in RMI module can encounter problems with nesting
AXIS2-4089 Test case errors in integration module can cause failures when not using Sun JVM.
AXIS2-4090 No readme for jaxws-calculator sample
AXIS2-4091 WSDL2C 30-November Snapshot - non-blocking prototypes in headers do not match function implementations with adb option
AXIS2-4092 When exception arises from createMessageFromValue, create Protocol specific exception instead of the generic WebserviceException
AXIS2-4093 Axis2 webapp throws exception with missing class at startup
AXIS2-4094 Make JAXWS POJODeployer behave the same as AAR files with respect to hot deploy and redeploy
AXIS2-4095 JAX-WS: wsdl11 generation fails if @WebMethod annotation is specified with member values
AXIS2-4096 When setting the operationName using JSR181 the service fails to show WSDL correctly
AXIS2-4097 Generation of Client Stubs with WSDL having WSSecurity (Username token) created with Weblogic9.2
AXIS2-4098 Deployment of embedded service causes IllegalArgumentException: Filename must not be null
AXIS2-4099 Scrub jaxws module for NLS
AXIS2-4100 Performance: JAX-WS MessageContext getProperty/setProperty improvement
AXIS2-4101 Genarate RPC signature in WSDL2 when valid
AXIS2-4102 Ability to have XML as documentation in the wsdl
AXIS2-4103 NullPointerException in WSDL20ToAxisServiceBuilder
AXIS2-4104 java.lang.StackOverflowError when trying to generate code for an Amazon service.
AXIS2-4105 The generated services.xml file is not validate
AXIS2-4106 WSDL2Java fails with "Can not find an attribute group for group reference" (Malformed UTF-8 Character Exception in WSDL2Java only in nightly build, not in 1.0 stable)
AXIS2-4107 Code generated by wsdl2java doesnot compile
AXIS2-4108 Problems with ADB Client and XMLBeans Service
AXIS2-4109 Enhance adb binding union to default to type xs:any
AXIS2-4110 Unresolved symbol when using attribute
AXIS2-4111 Cannot throw same fault from multiple methods
AXIS2-4112 Switch to XmlBeans 2.3.0. Adapt to xmlbeans dependency renaming.
AXIS2-4113 Incorrect wsdl2java behaviour: target dir + reformatting
AXIS2-4114 JAXWS: Add support for SOAPMessageContext.getHeaders(QName qname, JAXBContext jaxbcontext, boolean allRoles)
AXIS2-4115 JAX-WS Dispatch(Source) returns a StAXSource if JDK 6.0. StAXSource is not acceptable in many scenarios.
AXIS2-4116 Performance: Synchronization of AbstractContext.addPropertyDifference degrades performance
AXIS2-4117 optional attributes are generated as required
AXIS2-4118 Wrong code generation (syntax error: staticabstract)
AXIS2-4119 ADB Boolean type mapping incorrect for '1' and '0'
AXIS2-4120 SOAP header block attributes
AXIS2-4121 Client sender connections not cleaned up when AxisFault received.
AXIS2-4122 Incorrect configuration in maven-wsdl2code-plugin.html doc
AXIS2-4123 fix documentation on the axis2 website
AXIS2-4124 Maven2 WSDL2Code Plug-in Guide has incorrect and missing descriptions.
AXIS2-4125 NullPointerException when web service request is missing Content-Type
AXIS2-4126 Axis2.1.2 listService is not working
AXIS2-4127 [PATCH] Upgrades 'Simple' HTTP and NIO HTTP transports to HttpCore 4.0-alpha6
AXIS2-4128 Proposing "AXIS2 Powered" Logo
AXIS2-4129 Throws NullPointerException in RPCMessageReceiver when handling Exception in catch block; real stack trace is lost
AXIS2-4130 When I use SMTP as for the communication in the server side it never send the fault
AXIS2-4131 Axis2 client stub fails randomly under load with a Parser error
AXIS2-4132 Detail in Error message thrown from databinding types is not explanatory
AXIS2-4133 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/wsdl/WSDLException on axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin
AXIS2-4134 When you add a namespaceUri packageName in axis2-wsdlcode-maven-plugin, it will complain that you don't have one.
AXIS2-4135 Compile error in generated JUnit
AXIS2-4136 Axis2 Client generation with wsdl2 java with -g option does not generate skema
AXIS2-4137 Java2Security of getAnnotation calls
AXIS2-4138 Scrub metadata module for NLS
AXIS2-4139 Wrong java code generation with adb for data type boolean
AXIS2-4140 Provide getter/setters on DescriptionBuilderComposite for InputStream to handler chain config file
AXIS2-4141 Client stub generation fails for WSDL's with wsdl:import
AXIS2-4142 An xsd-file specifies both elements and attributes as parts of a SOAP block header. WSDL2Java generates all neccessary code for both elements and attributes but only the elements are included in the actual SOAP request when it arrives to the server
AXIS2-4143 maven2 wsdl2code plugin does not work
AXIS2-4144 Invalid content-type on http header. missed "<" and ">"
AXIS2-4145 NPE when demarshalling a fault response
AXIS2-4146 JAXWS: Performance: Remove Synchronization in JAXBUtils
AXIS2-4147 jaxen-LICENCE.txt should have jaxen licence text rather than Apache v2.0
AXIS2-4148 Corrections to the JAX-WS Async Endpoint thread switching code.
AXIS2-4149 Date gets changed for xs:date types
AXIS2-4150 ADB still not clever enough wrt Elements and ComplexTypes with the same name.
AXIS2-4151 wsdl2java modifies foreign java sources that it did not create on its own before.
AXIS2-4152 ConverterUtil.convertToArray fails for boolean.class
AXIS2-4153 The WSDL2Java ADB binding doesn't take namespace into account
AXIS2-4154 Getting error while deploying web service made using Axis2.1.3
AXIS2-4155 IntelliJ Service Archiver class file browser not working
AXIS2-4156 add an option not to generate xmlbeans classes and instead get them from classpath
AXIS2-4157 Using attributeFormDefault="qualified" in a schema causes null attribute values in Java objects
AXIS2-4158 There is a bug in generated stub, it can not get AxisFault detail or reason when server side respond with an envelope that has fault string and fault detail
AXIS2-4159 change in WSDLWriter11 forbids wsdl:import of xsd files
AXIS2-4160 Multiple XSD's in codegen
AXIS2-4161 never end and consume all the CPU
AXIS2-4162 Local types in schemes not supported
AXIS2-4163 Creation of web service client from wsdl fails with xmlbeans binding where scomp suceeds for the same wsdl
AXIS2-4164 wsdl2java ADB client creates 'staticabstract' instead of 'static abstract'
AXIS2-4165 Generating adb client or service binding has a problem with patterns
AXIS2-4166 ADB Binding doesn't generate default value for the element
AXIS2-4167 Make SOAP 1.2 bindings optional, as they break older Axis 1 clients
AXIS2-4168 Support custom annotations in the MDQ layer
AXIS2-4169 Provide ServiceInstanceFactory mechanism in JAX-WS layer
AXIS2-4170 Allow for custom classloader use in JAXBUtils
AXIS2-4171 Allow file based override for MetadataFactoryRegistry
AXIS2-4172 JavaProvider is not reestablishing its EndpointDesc object
AXIS2-4173 Add fully qualified field class name as property on FieldDescriptionComposite in the metadata module.
AXIS2-4174 Add log statements to jaxws msg util classes
AXIS2-4175 Extend Spring support to accept proxies
AXIS2-4176 Add Spring Support
AXIS2-4177 Disabling REST should should make the http binding generation in WSDL stop too..
AXIS2-4178 Stubs generated for all the ports in wsdl2 code generation
AXIS2-4179 POJO service with NULL array causes NPE
AXIS2-4180 AxisConfiguration.isEngaged(QName) needs to remain as deprecated for legacy apps
AXIS2-4181 There are numerous public methods on ConfigurationContext which do not have comments.
AXIS2-4182 AnnotationServiceImplDescriptionTests broken
AXIS2-4183 Java 2 Security
AXIS2-4184 Asynchronous web service invocation does not return XML response on a SOAP fault
AXIS2-4185 Internal server error when modifying axis2.xml in axis2 1.3 war distribution
AXIS2-4186 JiBX databinding doesn't work with eclipse code generator plugin
AXIS2-4187 Generating Java 1.5 Code when using XMLBeans
AXIS2-4188 JAX-WS: Performance Changes related to property migration code
AXIS2-4189 ServiceDescription caching leads to memory leak
AXIS2-4190 Add validation checks for SOAPBinding annotations
AXIS2-4191 MessageContext Persistence Performance Improvement
AXIS2-4192 Connections are not properly released causing them to stick in the "CLOSE_WAIT" state and cause "Too many files open"
AXIS2-4193 wsdl2java creates invalid proxy
AXIS2-4194 Accessing to unexistant get() method from MessageReceiver when using xmlbeans databinding
AXIS2-4195 Axis 1.3 exception class doesn't inherit from java.lang.exception ( broken)
AXIS2-4196 Incorrectly generated stub functions
AXIS2-4197 Getting errors when sending attachement using MTOM.
AXIS2-4198 Axis2 installationguide doc AXIS2_HOME error
AXIS2-4199 Server sends close connection causes client to halt
AXIS2-4200 AxisServlet closes OutputStream too early in some instances
AXIS2-4201 Change RequestResponseTransport to support acknowledgements
AXIS2-4202 Support for multiple Services specified in WSDL
AXIS2-4203 Generated ADBBean: Issue with getPullParser() method for optional attributes
AXIS2-4204 Externalization: Activation problem with OperationContext leads to out of memory condition
AXIS2-4205 Wrong prefix used (resulting in a duplicate but conflicting declaration) when sending fault message.
AXIS2-4206 NPE when JAX-WS service receives empty soap body
AXIS2-4207 JAXWS: Concurrent Modification in Property Migrator
AXIS2-4208 Ensure content-type does not have a trailing ':'
AXIS2-4209 JAX-WS: Fix to AsyncResponse to ensure that the returned object is unmarshalled before reporting it as available
AXIS2-4210 JAX-WS: A small performance improvement and some cleanup
AXIS2-4211 problem accessing the parser when using NTLM and stubs generated by xmlbeans
AXIS2-4212 attribute not supported by Axis2.0 in the .xsd file
AXIS2-4213 IllegalArgumentException: Null InputStream is not a valid argument when loading axis client from URLClassLoader
AXIS2-4214 ProviderDispatcher in JAX-WS does not allow for non-parameterized interfaces on provider implementation
AXIS2-4215 During InvocationResponse.ABORT processing, remove the incoming MessageContext
AXIS2-4216 XMLUtils can cause an unclosed XMLStreamReader
AXIS2-4217 Wrapper style mapping of Java method parameter - Jaxws 2.0 support for WSDL2Java
AXIS2-4218 Policies that are attached using services.xml should appear in description hierarchy instead of binding hierarcy
AXIS2-4219 Additional JAXWS Annotation Checking
AXIS2-4220 MessageContext Persistance is causing inlined attachments + Performance concerns
AXIS2-4221 Null pointer exception in Axis2
AXIS2-4222 NPE when parsing Async resonse in jaxws client side
AXIS2-4223 duplicate xmlns="" attribute in client response
AXIS2-4224 JAXWS JAXB Marshalling code is missing a doPriv
AXIS2-4225 JAXBAttachmentUnmarshaller Attachment Content ID Resolution Improvement
AXIS2-4226 JAX-WS 2.0 support for Apache Axis2 WSDL2Java Code Generator
AXIS2-4227 Some improvements to JAX-WS 2.0 support for WSDL2Java