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Sample: mex (Metadata Exchange)
The examples provided demostrates data retrieval for WS-MetadataExchange GetMetadata request
handled by different level of data locators below:
1. Default Axis2 data locator
2. Plug-in service level data locator
3. Plug-in service sevel WSDL-specific data locator
Note: Example 2 and 3 are only for the sole purpose of demostrating plug-in data locator support. The
data retrieval logic for the plug-in data locators are not implemented.
Details for the examples are documented in the Apache Metadata Exchange User's Guide.
To build the sample service you must have ant-1.6.x installed in your system.
To set AXIS2_HOME in Unix/Linux type:
$export AXIS2_HOME=<path to axis2 distribution>
metadataExchange module must be deployed and engaged.
Please refer to Apache Metadata Exchange User's Guide for how to deploy and engage
the metadataExchange module.
Building the Service
To build the sample service, type: $ant generate.service or just ant
This will build the DefaultAxis2DataLocatorDemoService.aar, ServiceLevelDataLocatorDemoService.aar,
and WSDLDataLocatorDemoService.aar service archive files in the build directory and copy them to the
<AXIS2_HOME>/repository/services directory.
You can start the Axis2 server by running either axis2server.bat (on Windows) or
(on Linux)that are located in <AXIS2_HOME>/bin directory.
The WSDL for this service should be viewable at:
(e.g. http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/DefaultAxis2DataLocatorDemoService?wsdl)
The clients to send GetMetadata requests are available in samples/mex/src/userguide/mex/clients directory.
Running the Client
To compile and run Default Axis2 data locator scenario, type
$ant run.client.default
To compile and run Plug-in service level Axis2 data locator scenario, type
$ant run.client.service
To compile and run PLug-in WSDL-specific level Axis2 data locator scenario, type
$ant run.client.wsdl
Please contact axis-user list ( if you have any trouble running the sample.