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This example shows how to use Axis2 in a servlet container. You must
have Maven 2.x installed to build this example. To build type:
$ mvn package
To run the sample using a Servlet Engine there are two options.
The first is to install a servlet engine say tomcat. Rename the resultant war as your_web_app.war and drop it into webapps directory under tomcat.
The WSDL file for the service should be viewable at:
Since the Maven project is configured for the Cargo plugin, it is also possible to launch an embedded servlet container (Jetty in this case) using the following command:
$ mvn cargo:start
In this case the WSDL file is viewable at:
To run the sample under axis2server:
Please copy the java_first_jaxws jar into <AXIS2_HOME>/repository/servicejars (Please create the directory if it does not exist). Then start the axis2 server.
The WSDL file for the service should be viewable at:
NOTE: If you are using JDK1.5, please copy jaxws-rt.jar and jaxws-tools.jar from the JAXWS RI into <AXIS2_HOME>/lib before you run axis2 server. In JDK 1.6, you don't need these 2 jars.