Add release note for 1.7.6.
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+Apache Axis2 1.7.6 Release Note
+Apache Axis2 1.7.6 is a maintenance release containing the following fixes and
+*   The JSTL is now packaged into the Axis2 Web application. This fixes issues
+    with the Admin consoles on servlet containers that don't provide the JSTL.
+*   The `commons-fileupload` dependency has been updated to a version that fixes
+    CVE-2016-1000031 ([AXIS2-5853][]).
+*   A fix for [AXIS2-5863][], a possible null pointer dereference in generated
+    code flagged by static code analyzers.
+*   The dependencies of the Maven plugins have been updated to prevent issues
+    with temporary files being written to the source tree. This is part of the
+    fix for [AXIS2-5781][].
+*   The source code is now buildable with Java 8.
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                 <item name="1.7.4" href="release-notes/1.7.4.html"/>
                 <item name="1.7.5" href="release-notes/1.7.5.html"/>
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