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<title>How To Build Axis Project's Website</title>
<h1>How to Build the Axis2 Project's Website</h1>
<h2>Installing Maven2</h2>
<p>The Axis 2.0 website build system solely depends on <a href=
"">Maven2</a>. The build has been
specifically tested to work with Maven version 2.0.7. To install
Maven, download the distributions and follow the instructions in
the documentation. Make sure you don't forget to add MAVEN_HOME/bin
directory in the path.</p>
<h2>Checking out Axis 2.0</h2>
<p>Checkout the <a href=
source</a> using your favorite SVN client. If you are a committer,
get a <a href=
check out.</a></p>
<h2>Building the Site</h2>
<p>During maven releases site should have been generated on target/site directory and no special action required. Further <a href="release-process.html">release process guide </a> describes necessary steps to update Axis2 site with your new modifications.</p>
<p>In case if you want to generate site only you could run <i>mvn site</i> on root project of your local copy.</p>
<li>How can I update a document in the site ?<br />
Get a commiter check out. All the documents are in XHTML format
under the modules/documentation/xdocs folder, and you can change only the documents found
under this folder. Change the relevant file and run <i>mvn
install</i>. New documentation will be available under
the target folder.</li>
<li>How can I add a new document?<br />
Add the new document in the xdocs folder. Change the navigation.xml
found under the xdocs folder by adding a link to the newly added
document. Re-generate the site.<br />
Please make sure you have not included any of the illegal
characters and your document should be well formed.</li>