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Sample: Google Spell Checker
This example demonstrates the use of asynchronous Web method invocations. The user can continue to type
text on the text editor where the text editor does the spell check from a hosted Web service. The Web
method invocation is carried out in an asynchronous manner allowing the user to continuously type text
without having to stall for the response.
Apache Ant 1.6.2 or later
Running The Sample
To generate stubs and run the text editor, type ant.
Note that when running the build script, a stub is generated for the hosted spell check service at:
N.B.: This public Web service uses Google Web APIs to provide spell check service. In case of a
failure SimplifiedSpellCheck echo sends back the phrase (sent for spell check) instead of throwing
an error. Therefore, if the spell check editor just outputs the input words/phrase, that is because
of this behavior of the SimplifiedSpellCheck service.
Please contact axis-user list ( if you have any trouble running the sample.